Some Recommendations Places to Visit During Your Time in Changi, Singapore

Some Recommendations Places to Visit During Your Time in Changi, Singapore

Some Recommendations Places to Visit During Your Time in Changi, Singapore

Changi Airport has been rated as the best airport in the world by Skytrax for four years running. The most famous of this airport is because it has the highest slide in Singapore, located at terminal 2 with a height of 12 meters.

Not even a few tourists who only visit Changi and spend the night in this area and enjoy Singapore not far from Changi. One of which is Village Hotel Changi, which is not far from Changi with a distance of only 3km. This location is in an area that has various tourist attractions. The following are tourist recommendations that you can do while in the Changi area. 

Changi Beach Park is the oldest central beach in Singapore, this park consists of two play areas. From the park, you can see the view from the bench provided. The location also has running and cycling trails which make it friendly for those looking for a place to exercise. 

From this beach park, you can also see the coast which is usually used as a tourist destination for children to play in the water. Not even a few anglers are fishing here while enjoying the beautiful scenery that you can get while at Changi Beach Park.

Changi Museum
Changi Museum is a suitable tourist spot for those of you who want to know the history of Singapore. The Changi Museum was founded in 2001 and still exists today. In this Museum, you can find several historical relics, especially from World War II. The museum opens to the public at 09.30 am and closes at 05.00 pm. If you want to visit this museum, then you can take the MRT to Tampines, then continue the journey using the public bus no.29 to arrive at the museum stop.

Butterfly Garden
For those of you who don't want to travel too far from Changi airport, then you can visit the Butterfly Garden. The park is located in terminal 3 of ​​Changi international airport. You can take the sky train which is still in the immigration area to get to terminal 3. At the butterfly park, you can spoil your eyes for a moment by seeing beautiful butterflies flying. This park is also considered unique because it is located in the airport area.

Enchanted Garden
The next tourist spot in the vicinity of Changi airport is the Enchanted Garden. This tourist spot is in the form of a garden decorated with various flower statues. At first glance, the statues look like real ones. This place is also the choice of many visitors to just rest while waiting for departure. If interested, you can find this enchanted garden in the terminal area of ​​Changi Airport.

Not only in the Changi Airport area but Singapore has an area called Changi Road, here is also an area that has a variety of interesting destinations such as:

Geylang Serai New Market
Being one of the largest and busiest markets, Geylang Serai Market was formerly a trading center, as well as a salad one of the oldest Malay settlements in Singapore. With its rich history and ancient interior, Geylang is a must-visit destination for visitors. Geylang Serai Market is a major social hub and a great place to expand your culinary horizons with a variety of traditional Malay dishes. 

Spicy sour stings (sour and spicy dishes), beef rendang, and fried bananas are just some of the Malay dishes on offer at the culinary hawker center, which is on the second floor of this wet market. Culture lovers and explorers looking to immerse themselves in religious traditions and architecture should take a detour through the shopping blocks and ancient settlements, then visit the Sri Sivan Temple. 

Dedicated to Shiva, the main deity in Hindu tradition, the original temple was damaged during World War II, and moved to its current location in 1993.

Katong Shopping Center
Katong Shopping Center sits stoically on the edge of East Coast Road. Like the many businesses along Katong and Joo Chiat, it has had to keep up with the times, but thankfully still manages to retain elements of an old-world charm within its unique architecture.

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