Reasons Why the Clean-Shaven Look Is Better Than Beard Look

Reasons Why the Clean-Shaven Look Is Better Than Beard Look

Reasons Why the Clean-Shaven Look Is Better Than Beard Look

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Gone are the days when James Dean's darling face represented the standard of shave for men. Today, beards are the crowning point of hotness and for anyone wanting to break the mold, picking up the razor and shaving it all off seems like the hardest thing in the world.

Come to think of it, long, full beards became popular a few years ago and have remained so ever since. Throughout the years, men of almost all ages have come to grow facial hair, and to be honest; they adore their beards. They can't hear anything negative about them, quite literally. But, as much as you may want to go completely natural and grow the most prominent, most unwieldy beard possible, it's not always the best option. Apart from wreaking havoc on your face, beards are challenging to manage, and they can hamper the quality of your skin underneath. A clean-shaved face, on the other hand, not only makes you look younger but also attracts the chicks like a magnet.

Now, we know; choosing whether or not to shave your beard is a difficult decision. You wouldn't have turned to the internet for help if it were simple - but don't stress about it because we are here to help. Here are six reasons why you should dust off your old razor, put on some shaving cream from runwaybeautyhair.com, and put an end to that beard.

  • Unpopular fact: shaving prevents razor bumps

Shaving regularly is the solution to ingrown hair and razor bumps. When you don't let your facial hair grow too long, the chances of it entering a neighboring hair follicle are significantly reduced. Besides that, shaving daily ensures that if a razor bump develops, you can quickly locate and remove it before it grows large and depreciates your appearance. Keeping the hair shaft from being yanked out aids in thwarting razor bumps, which are ubiquitous in most men. So make shaving a habit by investing in facilities and products that'll make your life easier. A razor subscription and auto-refills, for instance, will make your life so much easier because everything you need will conveniently be delivered to your doorstep.

  • Women prefer a sharp, clean face.

Your beard may appear sexy but itchy when kissing, and no woman will appreciate it. Also, she might be turned off because you're not taking care of your beard for some reason. Kissing is like cake-walking for a clean-shaven appearance. Some women love men with beards, and some women despise them completely. Some women don't mind as long as you take care of your hygiene and organize your belongings.

  • A shaved face will never go out of style.

While beards have been famous for a while, we can't deny that the clean-shaven look is timeless. It never completely goes out of style, and let's face it, a clean shave will never let you down. Your facial features are also bolstered when clean shaved, whereas they may be hidden beneath your scruffy beard.

  • It is easier to manage.

A clean-shaven face is easier to manage because there isn't anything to manage. Using a bar of regular shampoo or soap to care for your facial hair is insufficient. Having a beard and growing one, on the other hand, requires special attention to keep it clean and to grow in a well-defined sort of way. Men must use different products to maintain a neat-looking beard, such as beard balms or oils. There's also a beard comb, and the list goes on and on. Men who prefer to be clean-shaven are exempt from these beard responsibilities.

  • Beards make you look lazy.

Unless you visit a professional regularly or are an expert at grooming your facial hair, that scruffy beard should give you the lazy, pisspoor look most of the time. For decency, you are required to trim your facial hair or maintain a clean-shaven appearance in professional settings or workplaces. You've probably noticed that a clean-shaven man appears more energetic and enthusiastic than a man with a beard. If you're in a bad mood one day, your facial hair will most likely exaggerate it and portray you as someone who is deeply stressed and discouraged.

  • Shaving is hygienic 

Personal hygiene is an underappreciated benefit of shaving. Facial hair may hold bacteria and fungi that destroy your hair follicles and may harm you in some way. Trimming your facial fuzz regularly can help with this. But isn't shaving it all a more effortless and better option?

Shaving also aids in the removal of dead skin cells from beneath the skin. If you don't shave regularly, this buildup of dead skin cells can clog your hair follicles and cause acne. So shave up!

  • Shaved face = less irritation

All kinds of environmental conditions are exacerbated when you have a prickly beard sprouting from your face. When it's cold, the wetness of the weather percolates into your beard, where it can stay for hours and cause frostbite. Maintaining the moisture balance of your beard is another hassle. When the weather is dry, the straw-like hair on your face becomes a real annoyance. But with a shaved look, irritation is not a problem anymore.

  • You look more professional.

Yes, it's true. The man who can maintain his hygiene daily is also likely to be the man who can take care of business and conduct daily tasks even when he doesn't feel like it. He knows how his appearance affects others, which most likely translates to his business style. The clean-shaven man commands respect from his peers by default. Thus, all hail clean-shaved men.


People will always have different opinions about what looks sexier – a clean shave or a beard! However, we believe that a clean shave is a look that will never go out of flair and will always make women drool. Despite all the convincing reasons we've listed above, the decision regarding what you're going to do with your face is entirely up to you. However, keep in mind that your facial hair and style can significantly impact your overall personality. Then again, a clean shave look will not only give you more options for wearing any outfit, but it will also save you time and money in grooming and retaining the beard. So, grab your razor and get to work!