How to Spend Your Best Weekend with Friends

How to Spend Your Best Weekend with Friends

How to Spend Your Best Weekend with Friends 

Fun ideas for the weekends with your friends 

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In a world filled with constant hustling and bustling, it can get dull quickly. With the onslaught of emails, targets, to-do lists, meetings, deadlines, and exams- it can all seem overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to dedicate time and effort to doing activities that excite you and give you something fun to look forward to after a hectic week. This list is a compilation of entertaining activities that you can do with your friends.

Spa Day

What better way to spend your weekend than having a spa day with your friends? You can give each other manicures, bring some deliciously sweet-smelling facemasks from Lush, and even give your friend a massage or two! Besides, what are friends for if not for a back massage?

Taylor Swift Themed Teatime

You heard that alliteration right; having a themed tea party can not only make the event fun, but you can come to the occasion dressed up in your favourite artist-inspired ensemble. Taylor Swift’s different album eras seem not only attainable, but you can belt out a song or two while you’re at it. Karaoke anyone?

Movie Marathons

It may seem like a cliché, but for all of you hustling throughout the week this can seem like the perfect way to catch up some movies on TV that you missed! If the range of films offered on Netflix is not cutting it, then try switching it up to a series instead- Emily in Paris Season 2 might provide you with an escape to Paris, croissants, and it might even teach you some French along the way.

Scavenger Hunt

Fancy an activity that would delight the inner Sherlock Holmes? Then a scavenger hunt would be fantastic for you and your detective friends. Keep it unique by leaving some clues at desert shops or that familiar café you love.


Picnic on the Beach 

Saw those fancy artistic picnic spreads on TikTok? This is a fantastic way you and your friends can soak up the sun, eat some food without breaking the budget and acquire that healthy tan. Also, feel free to make sandcastles if you want to or simply bury each other in the sand- we know you want to.

Cooking Challenge

You might want to sharpen your knives for this one- a cooking challenge is sure to bring out the competitive spirit between you and your friends. You can either put the names of different countries into a bowl and each draw out one- you will have to cook a dish according to that country. Or you can challenge yourselves by cooking using only the ingredient in the pantry. Don’t be afraid to use the oven to bake cookies or desserts- you may still be able to salvage that forgotten apple at the back of the fridge.

Make up Your Mood Board

If you want to do something more crafty and artsy, then making a mood board would be the way to go. You can cut out pictures from old magazines, school art projects, Pinterest, or anything that would represent your vision and goals. You and your friends can even reflect on your previous dreams, share stories of what worked and what did not- either way, this is a wonderful way to bond.

Witchin’ Weekends

Whoever said Halloween is reserved for October 31st did not try transforming their friends into some spooky Halloween character on the weekend. This is the perfect time to try out makeup tutorials on your friends- go crazy with it. Transform your friends into witches, animals, flowers with makeup, adornments, and accessories.

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Thrift The Night Away

Want to go shopping for some retail therapy but do not have an elaborate budget? Then thrifting would be the place to fulfil all your Pinterest-inspired outfit wants and fancies. Grab your friends and have fun picking out cute vintage skirts, and if you are lucky, you might even score some old-school limited-edition sneakers.

These ideas should leave you with enthusiasm and a purpose to look forward to the weekends. It is also a chance for you to have fun and bond with your friends. Life is more than just working hard and being successful; you owe it to yourself to live it to the fullest.