How to Have a Sense of Self in Motherhood

How to Have a Sense of Self in Motherhood

How to Have a Sense of Self in Motherhood

The number of births in the US was over 3 million in 2020. Childbirth welcomes a woman to motherhood.

Being a mom is an unforgettable experience. But, in the process, you can lose yourself a little. Keep on reading to learn how to reclaim a sense of self.

What Is Sense of Self?

Your sense of self is the collection of characteristics that define you. These are the personality traits and abilities that you have. Your likes, dislikes, and belief system make up your sense of self.

Having a sense of self is crucial in decision-making. Your sense of self will help you identify traits that you can nurture or improve. Having a defined sense of self will save you from being uncertain or indecisive.

Sense of self helps you recognize your strengths. Your strengths can help you achieve your goals and handle daily challenges. Awareness of personal values comes with having a good sense of self.

The values that you live by describe how you treat yourself and others.

Motherhood can influence your sense of self. As you go through this journey, the way you see the world changes. You gain an appreciation for other people, especially for other parents. You see yourself finding inspiration from other moms.

Attachments and relationships play a role in your sense of self. Motherhood gives you the chance to foster a relationship with your baby. You now have a tiny human you can shower with love and affection.

Build a strong sense of self by defining your values and identity. These values will protect you and help you set boundaries in the future.

Reclaim Your Beauty

During motherhood, your priority changes. Your top concern is making sure your baby is safe and healthy. In the process, you can lose yourself.

Your "mom identity" will emerge as you go through motherhood. You become more responsible with your decisions, and you will feel different because your situation is different.

Part of motherhood is putting a few priorities aside. One of them is looks and this can affect self-esteem. Not having time like before is one factor that affects the list of priorities.

New moms sometimes forget about self-care and appearance. Most of them notice that their tummies are not the same. The skin loses elasticity and, extra skin becomes more evident.

After pregnancy, the breasts change in size. Usually, they don’t go back to their original shape. With a mommy makeover, you can say goodbye to these body changes.

Mommy makeovers restore the body to what it was before pregnancy. These procedures are for moms who want their bodies back.

Rediscover Self With Motherhood

Rediscovering yourself is essential in your journey to motherhood. Did you know that 2020 was a record year for stress for mothers? Self-care for moms can reduce stress levels.

Step one in self-care is doing the things you love. Set aside time to work on a hobby that reminds you of who you are. List down things that excite you and spend at least ten minutes doing them.

Keep this schedule running, and remember that consistency is essential. Weekly activities like running can be part of your routine. These healthy habits can be good for the body in the long run.

One more thing you can do is reflect on the woman you used to be. Soul-searching is a way to rediscover yourself. Reflect on your dreams and the things you would love to try.

Writing your ideas in a journal is a relaxing way to keep the mind active. Journaling can lower blood pressure and help with memory. You can keep track of your goals by writing them in your journal.

Journaling for enjoyment is one way to reclaim a sense of self. This activity allows you to think about life and where you are in life. Not having a sense of urgency helps in managing stress levels.

You can get to know yourself better by spending time on your own. You can read more books or even try meditating. These activities allow you to spend quality time without distractions.

Life Changes and Motherhood

Motherhood is an experience like no other. Understand that some areas of life change. Having a child can impact your personality and temperament.

Parenthood changes your social life. With your new schedule, the usual meet-up with friends can become rare. Plotting your day around your kid can keep you from doing the things you enjoyed before.

Set a time management schedule to be on top of lifestyle changes. Plan your activities by the hour to keep track of what you can get done. Having a schedule plan can be overwhelming so, start with a weekly calendar.

Weekly calendars help in keeping track of the places you need to go. This method can save you from missing an appointment. Remember to write the small details in your weekly calendar.

Lists can help you organize your daily activities. You can include recipes and your grocery shopping list on your weekly calendar. Make a goal-oriented list to keep track of your progress throughout the week.

Support System and Motherhood

Having a support network can make your transition to motherhood go well. Support can come from your partner, your family, or even friends. People you can rely on reduces anxiety and stress from motherhood.

Engaging with a diverse group of people is a way to build a community. A support system helps with the struggles that parents experience.

Acceptance is a powerful motivator in finding your sense of self. As you go through motherhood, you take the role of nurturing a child. Accepting the changes that come with motherhood is essential.

Motherhood Is a Gift

Follow these tips to reclaim yourself and step into motherhood with grace. Remember that self-care is essential in motherhood and life in general.

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