How to Feel Beautiful Again After Your Divorce

How to Feel Beautiful Again After Your Divorce

How to Feel Beautiful Again After Your Divorce

Unfortunately, it can be challenging for people to embrace their own skin, and divorce can severely impact a person’s confidence. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to provide some insight into how you can feel beautiful again after your divorce. 

We understand separation can affect how you feel, and learning to feel beautiful can be challenging when you’re trying to obtain a divorce. The proceedings can be stressful, time consuming and take a toll on your mental and physical health, including confidence. This is especially the case where the circumstances of your divorce are due to an affair, leaving you wondering if it’s down to your looks.

Our aim in this article is to make you realise that, whilst you are hurting and struggling currently, how you are feeling will eventually go away, and you will see yourself as beautiful once more. To help you do that, we’re providing advice on how you can rebuild your confidence and feel beautiful again after your divorce. Keep reading to learn more… 

5 Tips for Feeling Beautiful Again After Your Divorce

Purchase Clothes That Make You Feel Good 

Divorce can leave many divorcees feeling lost and unhappy in their body, clothes, and underwear. Sometimes, when a marriage ends, so does the love you have for items you own, particularly where you now see yourself differently or where it prompts memories you want to leave in the past.

There is no point in wearing clothes that don’t make you feel comfortable or confident. You should feel happy and beautiful in whatever you wear, whether you’re in your everyday clothes, dressed for work, or a simple stroll in the park with friends. Even if you want to prance around the house in your underwear (we’ve all been there, singing along to ABBA), you want to feel confident.

If you don’t feel like this, take the time to donate or sell your clothes so you can invest in some new pieces that make you feel happy and beautiful and can be considered a staple in your wardrobe.

Focus on Regular Exercise 

It’s true the ‘divorce diet’ is a real thing. Statistics show that many women tend to lose weight and become healthier and more active during a divorce. More often than not, it’s due to a lack of eating or a motivational kick up the butt.

nytimes.co.uk provides some examples of women who shed a couple of pounds with the loss of their spouse.

Whilst losing weight shouldn’t be considered a necessity to make you feel more beautiful, it is often something many people focus on. There’s no doubt healthy eating and regular exercise is good for your health and physique, but it also provides many benefits in concern to mental health.

Exercise releases a chemical into the brain known as endorphins. Endorphins are what we can refer to as happy drugs as they trigger a positive feeling in the brain. Getting in regular exercise is bound to help you feel a little less down.

Indulge in a Weekly Pamper Evening

Self care, whether you are a man or a woman, is incredibly important for relaxing and learning to love yourself.

Spending the time to pamper yourself can be a brilliant way of boosting your confidence and helping you to feel more beautiful in your own skin. Pampering also has many mental and physical benefits, including reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and reducing muscle tension. Therefore, we highly recommend taking time out each week, designating a specific time to treat yourself for the physical and mental aspects. 

Pampering yourself could include having your favourite takeaway, a glass of wine, reading a great novel, or having a long relaxing bath surrounded by candles and filled with bubbles for you to soak into.

Invest in Skin Care

Looking after your skin is incredibly important, especially where you might be getting older and are noticing signs of ageing on your skin. Your skins condition can be improved through certain types of products, such as antioxidants, retinols, moisturisers, and sun cream. 

Undoubtedly there is a connection between the mind and body, so how you feel towards certain aspects of your body can positively impact your brain and potentially your overall view of yourself.

In fact, studies show skincare can lead to a better self-image, reduced anxiety, more motivation, relationship improvement and, this one might surprise you, an increase in professional success. Therefore, learning to take care of your skin is a great way to boost your overall confidence and learn to feel beautiful again.

Experiment With Your Hair

They always say that there's no going back once you change your hair. Changing your hair might not be something that concerns you, and if that’s the case, keep it as it is, but ensure you have frequent trims to keep it healthy.

Where changing your hair might be something that could make you feel more confident and happier, consider dying it another colour, cutting it shorter or growing it out. Sometimes investing in new products, such as shampoo, conditioner, and serums may even do the trick. Making this change symbolises a fresh start – a celebration of your new life, moving forward.

You Will Feel Beautiful Again Post-Divorce

Whilst we understand you are hurting and might not be feeling your best, we can suggest that following the steps laid out in this article may help you feel better again one day, both mentally and physically. It may take time to relearn to love yourself and feel beautiful once again, but the above ideas might just get the ball rolling for you to start your new, upgraded life!

Have you been through a divorce? How did you learn to love yourself and feel beautiful again? Let us know in the comments below.