How to Clean Carpets Without a Machine

How to Clean Carpets Without a Machine

How to Clean Carpets Without a Machine

Modern consumers can't imagine their lives without electric appliances like vacuum cleaners. Yet, our forebears managed their household chores without them. If you don't have a cleaning machine on hand, it is still possible to make your carpet look new.

Using a machine is not always convenient. For example, you may want to get rid of a stain as soon as possible, save money on Carpet Cleaning Spokane, or just try DIY hacks. Our guide will help you but note that you will need more patience than elbow grease. 

Basic Rules

Cleaning a carpet by hand requires a few basic precautions. For example, if moisture gets trapped inside the carpet, it will cause mildew or mold. A wrong technique may also result in damage to the subfloor, so follow these rules:

  • Sparing use of detergent or soap;
  • Thorough rinsing;
  • Giving the carpet enough time to dry. 

Spot Cleaning Tips

To get rid of small and fresh stains, take action as soon as you notice them. Use a vinegar solution:

  1. Pour ¼ cup of white vinegar into a spray bottle and add 1 tbsp of dish soap and some water. 
  2. Spray on the stain and use a clean towel to blot it until it disappears. 
  3. Then, rinse the area with clean water and give the carpet sufficient time to dry. 

Not all carpets are colorfast, so test all cleaning products on an inconspicuous area. This rule works for purchased and homemade liquids alike.

Do not apply too much pressure. Heavy rubbing may cause the stain to spread or soak deeper into the fibers. Blotting with a washcloth or paper towel is enough.

Whole-Room Carpet Cleaning Tips

This task is guaranteed to take plenty of time. You could use carpet shampoo, baking soda, and water. Cleaning the whole carpet will require a lot of towels, so stock up on them in advance. 

  1. Move furniture and any other objects on the carpet.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda over a section of the carpet (you should move from a far corner of the room towards the door or threshold).
  3. Remove any loose debris.
  4. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and a couple of drops of carpet shampoo.
  5. Spray on the same area but be careful in order not to saturate the fibers.
  6. Brush it over with a carpet brush.
  7. Used dry towels to blot it. Try to remove as much moisture as possible. 
  8. Spray the area with clean water.
  9. Blot it again. 
  10. Use a carpet grooming brush to finalize cleaning.

Clean small sections one by one and rinse them thoroughly. Make sure you don't leave too much moisture behind. Open the windows to speed up drying and wait until the carpet has dried completely. Do not return the furniture on it too early!