Home maintenance tips that can automatically show signs of improvement

Home maintenance tips that can automatically show signs of improvement

Home maintenance tips that can automatically show signs of improvement  

Your home is likely to be your biggest investment, therefore, it is important to take care of it with regular home maintenance tasks. Improvements can be made to your home all year round and it is vital to put aside a few hours of your time each week or two weeks at least and dedicate it towards caring for and sprucing up your property. A typical hoover, a dusting of the blinds, or a spray of disinfectant does not always do the job, and sometimes, small tasks that are often forgotten about truly make a great impact on the overall perception of your home interior and exterior. Stay tuned as we discuss this in more detail.

Spring clean up 

The spring-cleaning ritual has become highly popular amongst households as it assists in motivating a deep clean once winter comes to an end and spring begins. It involves cleaning your entire home from top to bottom and includes targeting outside too. A spring clean is different from your weekly clean of your home as it allows you to focus on every aspect of your property, from emptying and defrosting the fridge and freezer, to washing your outside windows. Once completed, your property is bound to feel refreshed and good as new. To make the spring-cleaning process easier each year, ensure that you partake in clear-outs and deep cleans throughout the full year.  

Inspect the roof and clean gutters 

Checking your roof is vital when you are a homeowner, and unfortunately, this is not always a major concern for most, although it should be. Your roof can be prone to damage, particularly when it is over 20 years old and faces extreme weather conditions. Inspecting the roof occasionally allows quick and easy identification of any faults, including broken tiles, sagging or moss, and mould build-up. The easier this is noticed, the quicker it can be rectified to avoid further problems. Alongside the roof, check your gutters too. Gutters are susceptible to the build-up of moss, mold, leaves, broken branches, and other debris, and should be cleaned to ensure full and faultless operation. We would advise calling in a professional to clean your gutter to avoid any risks to your health and safety or damage to the gutter itself. Click here for gutter cleaning enquiries.  

Landscaping maintenance  

Your garden is bound to affect your overall mood. This is why it is crucial to ensure that home maintenance involves keeping your outdoor space clean and taken care of. Landscaping improvement can either be carried out by a professional company or by yourself. We would advise, if you are opting for bigger projects for your garden area such as wooden decking, mono blocking, or stone paving, to contact an expert in this trade. This will ensure that the task is completed quickly and accurately. Other than this, your garden area can easily be refurbished and looked after by yourself by installing flower beds, an outdoor seating area, a stone or rock garden, or outdoor lighting. It is important to note that your garden area, both front, and back, set the final perception for the interior of your home, therefore, it is important to make sure that they are maintained. 

Carpet cleaning

It is advised that you have your carpet either once or twice a year to ensure that the life expectancy of your carpet is fulfilled. Hoovering your carpet is only effective to a certain extent and cleaning it yourself will not penetrate stains, dirt, and bacteria within the surface of the carpet. As your carpet discolours over time, this may not be made apparent to the homeowner however, once the carpet has been refreshed, there will automatically be an enhancement to the space.  Click here to learn more.

Exterior and interior paint 

Painting can be a daunting process, particularly as it seems like a lot of hassle, especially when your walls are already painted and in need of a fresh coating. It simply may not seem worth your while. However, over time, your walls can discolour and stain due to several different factors, and it may not be as apparent until your fresh coat of paint has been applied. Additionally, this home maintenance process can be easier than you may predict, as long as you use masking tape effectively, scrub your walls, and cover up any surrounding belongings. If the wall has been painted previously, you may not even require a paint primer. Painting the exterior of your home may be the more challenging part due to the large dimension of your home, however, if your house has brick or cladding on the exterior, the only features that may require a paint job will be doors and window trims. This can be a fun and inexpensive DIY process, and you can always switch up the style of your home by repainting features a different colour. Make your home unique by switching your door colour from white to green, blue, or even black, after all, you may be pleasantly surprised, and if you change your mind, you can always repaint.