Getting ready for Valentine’s Day in advance: 16 best gift options for him and her

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day in advance: 16 best gift options for him and her

Valentine’s Day is on the doorstep and you still don’t know how to surprise your other half? Then read our gift guide with 17 great ideas for every taste and budget including a SPA set and video collage. 

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day in advance: 16 best gift options for him and her

The New Year holidays have ended just recently but it’s already time to think about Valentine’s day. It is an important occasion to show your love and friendship which requires creativity and time. Want to impress your spouse, friend, or family member with a great gift? Then read our article further and choose one of 16 ideas that are trending in 2022. 

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1.A culinary master class

A Valentine’s gift that never goes out of fashion in a fine dinner. But what to do if your cooking skills are limited or you want to prepare a dish you have never tasted? In such a case, choose one of the numerous cooking classes online or offline. You can complete them together or prepare a romantic dinner on your own and then surprise your partner.

2. Disney Plus subscription

If your spouse is a fan of movies and TV series, give them a Disney Plus subscription with access to thousands of titles from Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar, and others. Thus, you will have countless movie nights without the need to go anywhere.

3. A Cigar Set

Almost every dad loves luxury cigar sets even if they don’t smoke. Cohiba Siglo II in combination with a whiskey or cognac will make a unique gift idea for your dad’s birthday. The Siglo II with its balanced and elegant aroma is perfect for mild smokers who just love to enjoy the easy smoke. As for an aficionado father, there are also heavier cigars such as Trinidad or Bolivar types which will also be admired due to their unique and premium characteristics.

4. AirPods Pro

The latest wireless headphones from Apple are among the best gifts for men for Valentine’s day. Especially if they love music or spend much time on remote business meetings. AirPods Pro has outstanding sound, 4.5 hours playback, and great noise cancellation. An irreplaceable gadget!

5. Farm-fresh flowers

If you think that flowers are a trivial gift, think twice. For centuries they remain one of the most popular Valentine’s day presents and offer lots of room for creativity. Especially if you purchase flowers right from a farmer’s garden bed. To surprise your spouse, choose exotic and not common flowers like plumeria, lotus, or amaryllis.

6.A necklace with a zodiac sign

You can go for jewelry if you lack ideas or still don’t know your partner’s preferences. And to make the gift memorable, choose zodiac necklaces. They come in numerous shapes, are jeweled with birthstones, and fit any budget.

7. Luxury linens

It is hard to deny that one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s day is to stay in bed together. Without any hurry and interruptions. And to make this experience unforgettable, consider purchasing linens made out of top materials like silk. They will also make a difference in quality sleep.

8.Romantic video collage

If you prefer making gifts yourself, a video collage of the most cherished moments is exactly what you need. Bring the memories from dates, travels, and holidays together, and don’t forget to add your favorite song. This gift will remain in your memory for years!

9. Portable massage machine

A passive lifestyle, spending many hours at a computer, and excessive weight lifting lead to chronic pain and muscle tension. If these are common problems for your man, consider purchasing a portable vibrating roller. It is one of the best gifts for him and will be a great investment in his overall health and wellbeing.

10.Spa gift set

Fans of personalized gifts should consider SPA sets. These are boxes with favorite products that will turn any skincare routine into an exciting journey. You can add time-tested items and novelties, gift cards, accessories, and other cute little things. Don’t forget to decorate the box as a finishing touch.

11.A beautiful song

The next Valentine’s gift on our list is a personal song. Of course, it is a rather time-consuming process that also requires specific skills like writing lyrics or playing a musical instrument. But your efforts will definitely be rewarded! To simplify the process, you can record a song using online software.

12.Bucket list deck

This present shows your serious intentions for the future. Make a list of the things that you want to do together and then print them out on separate pieces of paper like a card deck. These can be travel destinations, dining in a particular restaurant, purchasing a house, and so on.

13.Vegetable chopper

If you are searching for useful gifts for her, consider a professional vegetable chopper. With its help, your partner will slice vegetables in a matter of seconds and have more time for you. These choppers can be purchased both online and offline, and won’t do your budget any harm.

14.DIY card

A romantic card is a great addition to a gift, as well as a stand-alone present. The Internet is filled with ideas and step-by-step guides, so the process of creating a card with your own hands won’t take long.

15.Gravity-weighted blanket

These blankets are irreplaceable for those who have bad sleep, insomnia, and anxiety. They give you a feeling of a hug, comfort, and relaxation. The only secret is to choose the blanket’s weight correctly. It should be 7-10% of the person’s weight.

16.Bluetooth shower speaker

The list of gifts for a boyfriend always includes a shower speaker. Because, well, who doesn’t like listening to music in the shower? Such speakers boost sound and protect your smartphone from water.

17.Bath tea

Another idea of DIY gifts on our list is bath tea. It is a relaxing present for your spouse, friend, or mom that won’t take much time to create. Just mix oats, salts, flowers, and other colorful elements in a drawstring bag. Place several bags in a glass jar to make it a beautiful interior design element. 

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As you see, there are Valentine’s day gift ideas for any budget and interest – luxury linens, master classes, professional sports equipment, as well as DIY cards and video collages. You just need to think of the things that will make your partner happy and then pick the necessary item from our list. Wishing you a great and unforgettable holiday!