Flowers are still preferred on Mother’s Day | Here’s Why

Flowers are still preferred on Mother’s Day | Here’s Why

Flowers are still preferred on Mother's Day | Here's Why

Mother’s Day is an important date in the calendar for parents and children of all ages, and so it’s important to celebrate and symbolize it in the right way.

While there are all sorts of gifts and experiences that you might choose to buy your mom this year, showing how you feel with flowers is a timeless and always-appreciated option. But what makes a bouquet of blooms so powerful and enduring as a statement of affection and respect?

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There’s a lot of history behind it

While you can get cutting edge arrangements for Mother’s Day from online services like Bouqs, the giving and receiving of flowers is an ancient tradition.

There’s something innately historic about handing over the gift of flowers to a person you care about, and this symbolism is especially relevant where Mother’s Day is concerned. It’s a connection to your past, just as the parent-child relationship is about where your family came from as well as where it is going.

So in terms of sheer meaning and significance, along with a sense of being connected to something more than yourself, flowers are difficult to beat.

They’re eco-friendly

These days we are a lot more concerned with the environmental impact of the decisions we make as consumers. And while you might be reluctant to pick up gifts for Mother’s Day which are non-recyclable and not biodegradable, flowers are the polar opposite of this.

So long as your blooms are sourced from a supplier that is serious about sustainability, you can give the gift of flowers without worrying about the ecological implications.

They’re guaranteed to be enjoyed

Buying gifts for anyone can be arduous, and a parent is even tougher because you might not know what they want, or they might actively insist that you don’t go out of your way to treat them in the first place.

Flowers are well suited to this conundrum because they are both something which everyone wants in their own home, while still being impermanent and ultimately disposable. That means you aren’t burdening your mom with a gift that they will have to pretend to like and put up with for years to come, which is always a positive.

They come in all shapes, sizes and colors

Flowers are endlessly adaptable, so no matter the tastes of the intended recipient, you can find something to suit.

Whether your mom loves lilies and orchids, or roses and tulips, the cavalcade of colors and configurations that are available will ensure that there is an arrangement for everyone.

They can fit any budget

Cost is a key consideration for Mother’s Day gifts, and whether you want to splash out or avoid overspending unnecessarily, flowers can work with you no matter your budget.

Furthermore, regardless of the size of the arrangement you buy, you will be seen as a thoughtful and caring child by that special parent in your life.

They are convenient

From a purely practical perspective, buying flowers on Mother’s Day is convenient for kids from the young to the grown-up.

Whether you pick them up in person or order them online, they are ultra-accessible wherever you are. And because of this, flowers are sure to remain a staple gift on many Mother‘s Day celebrations to come.