Chernobyl tours from Kiev

Chernobyl tours from Kiev

Chernobyl is a place with which many myths and legends are associated. Some people believe that mutant animals live here, as shown in the computer game S.T.A.L.K.E.R., while others think this is a world full of horrors of the past. Chernobyl tours from Kiev will help you find out the truth. But before the trip, we invite you to learn more about two tragic sights of this region.1


Chernobyl tours from Kiev: secrets of the Red Forest

Tours to Chernobyl are ready to reveal the truth about this territory's most interesting and controversial locations. It is always better to see for yourself than to believe in fiction.

Immediately after the explosion of the fourth reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the nearby forest took the most significant blow. If you want to know how plants react to a high radiation dose, this forest is the answer. At one moment it turned red, some of the trees and other vegetation died, and at night this forest began to glow.

The infected area was divided into three zones:

  • in the first – the defeat was 100%;
  • in the second – half of the trees and undergrowth died;
  • in the third – the plants got sick but continued to grow.

Scientists were afraid that the wind would carry radiation from this forest throughout the country, so it was decided to cut down the affected trees and bury them. So, in 1987, the trees were felled, laid in trenches, and covered with a layer of earth 1 meter high. A rampart 2.5 m high and 3.5 km long was built around it.

Now new plants are growing here; at first glance, the forest is no different from what we are used to seeing on safe lands. However, excursions are not conducted here because the level of radiation remains relatively high. Guides will show you from a safe distance. Here they do everything to increase Chernobyl tours safe. Radiation continues to affect the forest, and scientists are finding slight changes in the appearance of trees.

Chernobyl tours from Kiev: Bridge of death

Chernobyl bridge of death is another location that deserves your attention.

The road leading to the nuclear power plant passes through the bridge over the railway. From here, there was a beautiful view of the fourth nuclear reactor. After the explosion at the station, many people came here to watch the explosion. Then they did not understand how dangerous it was, they received a lethal dose of radiation, and soon everyone died. The number of victims, for obvious reasons, is impossible to know.

When creating Chernobyl tours, guides may suggest that you visit this location. Even though the bridge has been cleaned countless times, the level of radiation here is relatively high.

Pripyat tours include visits to other attractions in the region. If you wish, you can pick up a profitable tour that will tell you more about the tragedy in Ukraine more than 35 years ago.