Cheapest countries in the world that you can consider relocating to

Cheapest countries in the world that you can consider relocating to

Millions of people move from one country to another each year in the hope of a better, more fulfilling life. But while many folks move to higher-cost places, others choose countries with lower living expenses than their current ones.

If you check the blog post of "Where Can I Live's cheapest countries to live," you will find several options in Europe, Asia, and parts of South America. Depending on where you choose to move, your immigration, and lifestyle choices, you could enjoy some spectacular benefits on these continents.

But let us try to analyze why people choose to relocate to a different country.

Why do people choose to move

Here are the primary reasons why most people choose to immigrate to a different country worldwide.

  • Cost of living - Several people move to countries with affordable housing, groceries, fuel, healthcare, and other essentials. This helps them to enjoy a better life while being able to save. Also, it leaves them with spare money to do other things. 
  • Study or career - Individuals often leave their home countries for better educational prospects. Once they settle in a foreign place, they usually take up jobs and stay after their studies are complete. Similarly, corporate employees and those employed in other businesses move to various countries to further their careers.
  • Quality of life - Families and couples that wish to raise their children in a safe and fun environment - which they may not have in their countries - often settle down in places that suit their needs. 
  • Retirement - Older adults save up for a comfortable and worry-free life after retiring. Many of them choose to move to countries like Spain, Bulgaria, or Portugal, which are less expensive than their homeland.

The best "cheapest place" you can move to

There are scores of countries in the world where you can live on lesser funds with optimum comfort and convenience. You can pick places where you barely need to spend over $500 a month.

Here are three of the best options to help save you money and lead a more comfortable life.


Indonesia is among the most beautiful places you will ever come across in the world. Add a low-cost lifestyle to this remarkable fact, and you have an unbeatable reason to move here. Although Jakarta is the capital city, it is less expensive than popular tourist spots like Bali that witness many visitors each year. So, you can get essentials like coffee, coconut water, and other beverages for a dollar or less in Jakarta. Even a meal is less than two dollars outside.


Featuring on the list of reputable websites such as "Where Can I Live's cheapest countries to live," Poland is a fantastic place to settle down in. Since it is a famous central European city, Poland may be expensive for tourists to visit. But it is surprisingly affordable when it comes to living and working here. The food is excellent, and the income is better with jobs in various industries such as travel, teaching, marketing, and more.


La Paz is one of the most spectacular and cheapest cities in Bolivia, and you can rent a room here for as little as $140 a month. With Spanish being the primary language here, there are many opportunities to teach English, earn well, and live comfortably. Inevitably, the region is home to many ethnicities, from Asian and American to Africans and Europeans.