An Inside Look at Old Fashion Trends Through the Decades

An Inside Look at Old Fashion Trends Through the Decades

  An Inside Look at Old Fashion Trends Through the Decades

The global fashion industry faced some setbacks due to COVID-19, but it's way to bouncing back. And, because as long as we need clothes, we'll need fashion, trends continue to grow or change.

But, fashion trends tend to come back into style one way or another. Let's go through some of the old fashion trends you might want to bring back.

1920s Fashion

Fashion in the 1920s had some groundbreaking choices, especially for women. Flapper dresses are one notable trend from this era.

These dresses were often accessorized with overly long necklaces to draw more attention to the neckline. Women often topped off the look with headbands, many of which had unusual feathers stuck in them.

Another fashion trend from the 1920s that stands out is cloche hats. While these short-rimmed hats are;t that helpful for keeping the rain out of your hair, they do add some sassy flair to any outfit.

1970s Fashion

The 1970s combined 1960s hippie fashion with fresh new shapes. Bell bottom jeans became widely worn during this era.

And, if you were looking for some extra height, you could put on a pair of platform shoes on along with your bellbottoms. You could wear a peasant shirt on top to complete the look or a poncho for something a little more unusual. If you were looking for a more traditionally feminine look, maxi dresses were all the rage during the 1970s.

For accessories, headscarves and chokers were seen around town. This was the era of wood jewelry for a more natural touch. Class rings were also a popular accessory choice during the 1970s. To learn more about class rings, continue reading.

1990s Fashion

The beginning of the 1990s was all about grunge fashion. Plaid flannel button-down shirts were one of the biggest fashion staples during this era. For shoes, Birkenstocks and Doc Martens were popular — as they are today since they're a throwback fashion trend that's already come back. People wore oversized shirts with short skirts and topped off their looks with ripped-up tights.

Of course, not everyone was into grunge fashion. As you might have seen in the movie Clueless, you'll know that the preppy look was also popular in the 1990s. Matching power suits with short skirts were widely worn among professional women.

Loafers and mary janes were the shoes of choice for people who preferred the preppy look. More casual preppy looks included plaid kilts paired with Peter Pan collared blouses or capri pants worn with tunics or off-the-shoulder tops. Sheer tights and brooches were popular accessories for these types of outfits.

Try Out These Old Fashion Trends

Just because these old fashion trends are well, old doesn't mean they lack merit. So, why not experiment with bringing some of these into your style?

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