A Guide To The Top Trends In The Beauty Industry

A Guide To The Top Trends In The Beauty Industry

A Guide To The Top Trends In The Beauty Industry

6 Essential Beauty Trends You Need To Be Aware Of For 2022 

A New Year means new trends in the beauty industry and we're here to make sure that you are caught up. 

In 2021, the industry went crazy for cream blushes, laminated brows (this trend isn't going anywhere), and overlining the lips. We love some of these trends and we hated others - but we are always excited to see what is going to be popular next. 

Here are 6 trends that you are going to see everywhere in 2022. 

#1 - Diffused lips 

At the start of this year, you are going to see more people rocking diffused or blotted lips. This is a trend that has been lifted straight from the Korean beauty scene. 

We see Korean Beauty trends gain popularity every Spring - as these looks tend to be light, airy, no-makeup makeup looks. 

All these looks are about light washes of color across the face that look like natural, youthful flushes rather than makeup. 

Diffused lips will be the first of these trends to hit us in 2022. Pair this trend with a messy bun, a skin tint, and fluffy brows. 

#2 - Sustainable Beauty 

This has been something that Indie brands have been pushing for the last few years, but by the end of 2022, even the huge beauty brands will be following suit. 

This trend will include recyclable and reusable products and packaging. You should also expect to see the end of single-use skincare products in the next 24 months. 

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We may even see more companies offering recycling schemes like Back-to-Mac so that they can reuse packaging. 

#3 - Blush Draping 

If blush draping isn't done right, you can end up looking like an extra from a 70s roller-sise video. However, using the right products and a light hand can give you a natural and flushed look that ties your makeup together seamlessly. 

Blush draping involves applying your blush from your cheeks right up to your temple and even blending it into your eyeshadow look. If you want a natural and dewy look, try doing this with a cream or liquid blush. 

Dab a slightly more pigmented color onto the apples of your cheeks to complete the look. 

#4 - Double Winged Eyeliner 

2021 was a liberating year for anyone who the "cat-eye look" didn't suit. For years we have been told that that was the best and only way to wear eyeliner. 

However, the 2021 graphic eyeliner trend allowed us all to try something new. And even more, exciting things are on the horizon. 

In Spring 2022, you should expect to see the return of pastel eyeliner and the rise of double-winged eyeliner. You can use this type of eyeliner to completely change the shape of your eyes or accentuate the bits of your face you love the most. 

#5 - Pantone Color of the Year 

Every year, the beauty industry gets more excited by the Pantone Color of the Year. This year they have picked a shimmery Periwinkle shade with a silver undertone called Very Peri. 

You should expect to see holy grail products repackaged in Very Peri bottles. You should also expect to see eyeshadows, blushes, and eyeliners appearing in this exact shade. 

You may even see a 00s style glittery lipgloss in Very Peri. We have also seen that frosted lip glosses look to be making a comeback in 2022. 

#6 - Bronze Eyeshadow with Brown Lipsticks 

The early 00s had a big moment last year, but this year you can expect to see 90s trends being more popular. Most notably BROWNS. 

Many of the big makeup companies had their models rocking bronze eye looks and brown lipstick at Shanghai Fashion Week (at the end of last year). 

Don't be shocked if we see companies releasing large brown lipstick ranges as they have previously done with nude shades and red lipstick shades. 

Don't forget to stock up on your glittery, brown lip gloss while you're at it. 

We may also see the return of brown shades of blushes. 

Clean and sustainable beauty is going to be huge in the Spring of 2022. We are also going to see the return of old-school trends like brush draping and diffused lips. This Spring all the trends suggest that we will be aiming for mystical, fae-like looks.