8 Tips for Making it through Veganuary

8 Tips for Making it through Veganuary

8 Tips for Making it through Veganuary

Joining Veganuary as your 2022 resolution could be the best thing you can ever do for yourself. Even if you will not stick to vegan food for the rest of the year, Veganuary can help you see things from a different perspective. 

First of all, you might realize a significant change in your body, especially when it comes to weight and energy. Most people find they have more energy and a more conscious and engaged understanding of their body. This mentality goes head in hand with the principles of yoga. So grab yourself a yoga mat at www.yogastudiostore.com/collections/yoga-mats and stock up on avocados – it’s time to re-energize your body! 

If you are already a part of Veganuary resolution and do not know how to make it through the month, do not worry because this post is here for you. It will provide you with a few tips to make your vegan journey much easier, comfortable and happy. 

Tips to Help You Stick to Vegan Diet This Veganuary. 

1. Create a Plan In Advance

Having a well-written plan of how you will go about your meals will help you know what you can and cannot eat. You can list all the vegan food you find enjoyable and those you do not. Then find a way to mix them up to make a unique recipe that is easy to enjoy. There are so many plant-based options to incorporate into your diet. They include;

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Legumes, such as beans, peas, soy, etc
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Grains like rice, pasta, etc.

2. Ensure You Balance Your Diet

Going vegan does not mean that you will miss some essential nutrients. If you mix your diet well, you will get all the necessary nutrients. Therefore, ensure your diet contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals, such as calcium, iodine, iron, etc.

3. Shop and Cook Early

It is good to ensure you have everything in your house and cook early to avoid finding an alternative later in the day when you are tired. If your week is always busy, you can do meal prep to save time and find the right food conveniently. 

4. When Shopping Read Labels Carefully

Many supermarket foods are mixed with various ingredients, and sometimes you might mistakenly buy foods with the wrong ingredients. The best way to tackle this is to look for fresh foods or carefully read the labels. 

5. Check Menus When Dining Out

If you are going out with your friends or family, it is crucial to check at menus before your order. This ensures you stick to the vegan diet no matter what. Alternatively, find vegan restaurants available near your place.

6. Stay Motivated Throughout Your Journey

This will help you stay on track throughout your Veganuary journey. You can incorporate it with other healthy activities such as hiking, meditating, and yoga. All you need to do is get a yoga mat to stay motivated and remind yourself you are on a health journey.

7. Get Advice from Experts

Many people go vegan for many different reasons. You must first understand why you want to practice a vegan lifestyle. Is it to maintain weight, lose weight, or other health reasons? From there, you can seek advice from experts to know the best meals to use.

8. Keep Track of Your Progress

When starting Veganuary, it can be challenging to stick with the right meal plan, especially if you are used to animal products like meat. But if you keep track of what you have accomplished, it will help motivate you and see the benefits of sticking to the program.


Making it through Veganuary is not as hard as you think. If you follow the above tips throughout the month, you will realize how easy it can be. You might even choose to stick to a vegan lifestyle throughout the year. Just make sure to track your progress.