6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Engagement Rings for Men

6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Engagement Rings for Men

6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Engagement Rings for Men

Proposing for marriage is a feeling hard to explain in words. You are on cloud nine and all excited to start a new chapter in your life with your loved one. Apart from all other essential things that are part of a perfect proposal, an engagement ring is crucial. 

While it is common to see men purchasing rings for women, women also take an interest in engagement rings for men. With the proper guidance, you will come across a plethora of choices for mens engagement rings and select the best one.

So, if you plan to take your love to the next level and get engaged, here are six practical tips that will help you find the best engagement ring. 

  • Go for personal choice over the trends

Trends can come and go, but the love for your man should never go out of style. The engagement ring is the sign of your growing love, and it will always be with you and your partner. That is why it is essential to choose a classic and timeless ring. Preferring the personal choice over the trends can be an excellent strategy to select the correct ring that compliments your partner's personality.

Take a look at the current accessory collection of your partner. He may not have much on him as most men do not wear many accessories. But some casual conversation can give you valuable details about his preferences. You need to know whether he likes gold or platinum. Does he like minimalist design or extravagance? Know his personal preferences over the trends because he would appreciate the thoughts you put into it rather than getting the trendiest ring available in the store.

  • Know your budget

Before scrolling the internet for the ring, make sure you know your budget. It will save plenty of time and help you narrow down your search. Set a clear budget for the ring, so you can look for the rings that fit your budget. You will be amazed to see the ring choices available within any budget. 

  • Choose a suitable metal

If you ask your partner what kind of metal he wants for your engagement ring, he will probably want an adamantium ring. The same indestructible metal made the Wolverine's skeleton in the Marvel universe. He might even want a Vibranium ring that absorbs, stores, and releases kinetic energy like seen in the Blank Panther movie.

You might want to choose the metal that will suit his personality. Not to generalize, but men do not put much thought into what kind of engagement ring they want, and they will most probably tell you to choose whichever ring you want. You can choose from various metals like gold, silver, platinum, titanium, carbon fiber, silicon, palladium, white gold, and many other metal choices.

  • Choose the right jewelry store

When it comes to men’s engagement rings, it is always best to choose a specialist. Many stores have piles of women's jewelry but do not have many options for men's rings. Choose a store that has jewelry specialists with vast experience in the industry. They will know their craft and help you choose the right engagement ring. 

  • Standard fit Vs. Rounded Comfort Fit

The engagement ring is going to be with him for a long time. So, it should be comfortable and not fall off his finger. The rings are mainly flat on the inside, so they may not comfort the shape of the finger. Standard fit rings are a common option. 

On the other hand, comfort fit or rounded fit rings are rounded inside. The roundedness provides a natural and better fit than standard fit rings. Comfort-fit rings are also comfortable to wear. It is always good to try these different fits before choosing the ring. The decision will depend on your comfort and preference.

  • Flat vs. Domed rings

As there are options for the insides of the rings, there are options for the outside of the rings too. You can choose flat to domed rings and many other options that come within that range. Flat rings are modern, minimal, lighter, and contemporary. On the other hand, domed rings are dome-shaped from the outside. They have a traditional profile and rise off the finger. Domed rings are more suitable for men with thick fingers. 


Choosing the engagement ring for your man does not have to be a big problem if you know him well. Take subtle hints from the conversations and know his choice so that you can choose the engagement ring that will complement his personality.