6 Beauty Tips for Travelling

6 Beauty Tips for Travelling

6 Beauty Tips for Travelling

Whether you plan to go to the beach or ski in the mountains, learning how to keep your hair and face looking good no matter where you are can help you feel fresh. Taking the time to find products and styles that fit your daily life is a struggle, and trying to find all new ones when you go on vacation to a new place can be stressful. Thankfully, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you look good no matter what. Optional: some hotels don't have hair dryers, so you may want to consider bringing one that is lightweight and compact, such as the Rusk W8less blow dryer, which is TheVenusFace's top pick.

1. Take Your Facial Cleanser

Even if you assume you may need a new kind of face wash for a new environment, your best bet is to take your old one with you. Whether your skin is oily or dry, finding a cleanser that fits the same may not be possible. Additionally, if you suddenly use another formula on your skin, you may notice more breakouts since your skin's acid balance got thrown off. To avoid this frustrating problem, use the same brand or cleanser the whole time.

2. Grab Some Blotting Papers

One of the most useful inventions for oily skin are blotting papers that help reduce excess facial oil. These little sheets are easily stored in a purse or bag and barely take up any space, which is very helpful if you're already carrying many other beauty items. As soon as you feel your forehead or cheeks beginning to get overwhelmingly oily, gently blot one sheet over them. These sheets also help preserve your makeup, so that you do not have to constantly reapply it every time you use one.

3. Remember to Moisturize

Whether you are dining in a place with excellent food and fancy restaurant equipment or you are just flying in a plane, keeping your skin well moisturized is one way to prevent dry patches. These patches can leave you itching when you should be enjoying your vacation. This can also help counteract the dryness you may experience as cabin pressure builds in a plane. Putting on a layer of your favorite moisturizer the night before you leave can help combat this.

4. Space Your Appointments Out

Saving all your scheduled beauty appointments for the day before you leave can make you feel overwhelmed, and some of them may not have enough time to take effect. Spray tans and waxed skin both need time to set in or have your skin recover from the procedure. Trying to do too much may irritate your skin right before you need to look your best, which can ultimately cause more problems. Schedule one at a time, and try to remember the order so that no two sensitive appointments overlap.

5. Freshen Up Your Lips

Using traditional heavy lipsticks may not feel as comfortable or look as good when you've been in the sun for a few hours. However, in order to choose a lip treatment that won't make you feel dried out, you can try just using a lip stain and some gloss. You can even use medicated lip balm if your lips get too chapped on the ride there. Reapplying gloss as much as you need in order to keep your lips looking shiny and beautiful is one easy way to freshen up your look. This will give you the perfect balance of relaxed and fun you want to look like while on vacation.

6. Be Gentle With Your Eyes

Whether you are reading under a beach umbrella or making your way up sunshine-filled hills, you should take special care of your eyes during this time. Using eye drops after a few hours of looking at words on a page can help you feel freshened up. You may also want to give up mascara during this time, just so that you don't smudge any on your cheeks by accident. Using night cream while sleeping can help soothe the area around your eyes as you drift off and get your beauty rest.