5 Ways to Take Care of Your Wedding Ring and Keep it Safe

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Wedding Ring and Keep it Safe

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Wedding Ring and Keep it Safe

Weddings are a beautiful time for any bride and groom. They are truly the beginning of a special time, with two people announcing that they are coming together to start a family and take care of each other for the long run. Weddings are usually marked by a ceremony, where many in the family come together to celebrate the joyous occasion and have fun. There is a party, food, guests, gowns and tuxedos. All of these items mark a great wedding ceremony. But there is one item that could very well be the centerpiece of a wedding ceremony that also represents the marriage throughout its entirety. That item is the wedding ring.

Weddings rings are awesome representations of marriage because they are in the shape of a circle. They represent a never-ending feeling of love and care since the shape of a circle itself goes around and does not have an ending point. It's important for both the bride and groom to properly care for this item, even after the ceremony has taken place. Here are five main ways that you can take care of your wedding ring and protect it at all costs.

  1. Resist the Urge to Touch the Main Stone

Now, most wedding rings have a stone in the middle that is pretty much the centerpiece of the entire ring. This is what makes the ring expensive, for the most part. However, stones that you might find on traditional rings, cushion cut engagement rings or just about any wedding ring whatsoever, are attracted to oil from skin. They also attract dust and other particles. To keep it clean at all times as best as you can, be sure to not touch this stone so much.

  1. Never Take it Off in Public Areas

Most people like to remove their wedding ring when they are in public places in bathrooms or in restaurants in order to keep it clean. This is understandable, but it's a good practice to never do this. If you do not remove the ring, there will be no chance of losing or damaging it. Simply get in the habit of never removing your ring in public areas.

  1. Purchase Insurance

Don't forget that you have options when it comes to protecting the monetary value of your ring. You can always purchase insurance on it in order to get all the money back if it ever gets lost. You can actually get your ring appraised every so often to see how much it is worth so that you can let the insurance company know. For expensive items such as wedding rings, it is smart to have insurance on them.

  1. Regularly Clean It

Remember that you can always schedule monthly cleanings for your ring by a professional jeweler. You don't have to do this monthly, but it's always good to have your ring cleaned to keep it looking sharp. It is usually best to leave this to the professionals because there are many chemicals that you can buy from retail stores that might not be so good for your ring. Since you might not be sure as to how the chemical will treat your ring, make time to allow a professional to clean it.

  1. Use Ring Dishes to Store it Around the House

You can purchase small ring dishes to place around your house in order to have a designated place to set your ring when you take it off. You can place these dishes in certain places, such as in the bathroom next to the sink, in the kitchen in a particular spot or in your bedroom on a nightstand. These are great because when you have a designated spot to keep your ring, there is less of a chance of it getting lost around your house.

It is definitely possible to protect the cherished ring and its monetary value that is the representation of a love story, that could have come from matchmaking in dc, blind dates, meet cutes etc. Get in the habit of adopting practices such as these to stay on top of this task.