5 Trendy Swimsuits for 2022

5 Trendy Swimsuits for 2022

5 Trendy Swimsuits for 2022

Summer offers sunshine and opportunities to relax in the sun. As colder weather keeps some of us indoors, you may find yourself daydreaming of warmer days where you can relax near a pool or on a beach. Prepare for this coming summer by finding swimsuits you love ahead of time. A great swimsuit fits well, providing your ideal level of coverage and support and making you feel confident wearing it. There are so many different swimsuit styles that you are sure to find one you love. Trendy swimsuits from Undressed Boutique are sure to be popular this summer.

1. One Piece

The one piece has always been a staple. Many women love the full coverage provided by this timeless classic. It’s an excellent choice for swimming laps or attending pool or beach functions where you would like to remain more covered. This year look for trendy one pieces that feature a single shoulder strap for a dramatic twist on this standard. You will look stylish while also having coverage and comfortability for an active summer.

Another modern take on the one piece style features cutouts. These designs expose various parts of the abdomen, torso and chest while still providing the comfort of a single piece. You can opt for a small cutout on the abdomen or chest. Some styles have multiple cutouts. This is a sexier spin on the one piece that allows you to show off the parts of you that you would prefer to show off. Such styles will be seen on women lying out beside custom pools Las Vegas and many other happening areas.

2. Crochet

A newer trend is crocheted swimsuits. You likely have seen a crocheted coverup before, but you may not have seen a crocheted swimsuit until this season. You can find bikinis and one piece suits in the crochet style. This trend will be huge this summer, so stay current and look for a crochet suit in a style you enjoy. Crochet designs allow for cutouts or a more see-through pattern, adding a fun and semi-revealing flare to the swimsuit.

3. Bold

Go big or go home is a famous phrase, and it will undoubtedly translate into swimsuit patterns this summer. Bold colors and designs make any bathing suit stand out in a crowd. Bright prints will be huge this year, as will animal prints. Bold statements, phrases and writing across swimsuits will also take off. Expect to see many suits with body-positive and fun expressions. It’s also the time to mix and match prints for a drastic look. Take a risk and make a statement as you relax on the beach this year. You’ll be glad you did as you grab everyone’s attention!

4. Fringe

Another retro vibe returning as the temperatures heat up will be fringe. Swimsuits with fringe along the neckline are sure to be popular. You can also expect to see fringe across the midriff too. This extension from under the bust can provide some tummy coverage while also letting off a fun and romantic air. Bikini bottoms can also have some fringe for a cute and playful look.

5. Metallic

Shiny, metallic fabric will glisten in the sun, gravitating focus to you. Find a style you like that is made from shiny materials to be super fashionable. A glittery gold or silver metallic will stand out. Other shiny hues, such as purples, pinks or greens, will be favorites this summer, too. This trend is a perfect choice for someone who wants all eyes on her. It’s all about shine with this look, so remember, the shinier the better with this fashion statement swimsuit!

Swim season will be here before you know it, so you might as well find some bathing suits you love. Be bold and try a new style this year. You might just discover the most flattering or comfortable piece yet. Get ready to lay out a towel, grab your favorite sunglasses, lather on the sunscreen and queue up an awesome playlist because you are now ready for summer!