5 Steps to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

5 Steps to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

5 Steps to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

As the weather gets colder, you may notice an increase in cold and flu symptoms from people around you. You may feel confused about what to do to lessen the chances of catching the flu as you go about your daily life. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy and helpful ways to stay healthy, even during this season. 

  1. Check Your Hands

Your first line of defense against germs from other sources is your skin, and especially your hands. Without even thinking about it, we often touch our nose and mouth many times throughout the day, which can make it easy to transfer flu germs from other surfaces that can ultimately make us sick. 

Knowing the proper way to wash your hands and how long to scrub them together under soap and water is important. After touching dirty surfaces or going out in public, it may be helpful to give your hands a wash before touching anything else. If you do not have any hand soap and water around, using hand sanitizer is another effective way to kill germs. 

  1. Eat Well

Your body needs certain nutrients and vitamins in order to function to the best of its ability. Taking supplements, such as green powder, can help boost your immune system in these harsh winter months. Drinking plenty of water and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is important not only for your mental well-being but for your physical well-being, too. 

Avoid skipping meals, since that can leave you feeling even more hungry and weak in the hours after. Focusing on the amount and variety of vegetables, fruits and sources of protein you regularly eat may help you determine if you are missing out on a source of nutrients. Discussing this with your doctor may also help you make a plan if you want to keep your immune system functioning as best it can. Ask him questions such as, what is thrive and how much water should I drink? These will help you stay healthiest right now. 

  1. Take Precautions Around Others

If someone close to you at work or home is showing signs of the flu, make sure to stay cautious while you are near him or her. Wiping down surfaces you both share with antibacterial wipes may help kill lingering germs. Make sure to not touch your mouth or eyes directly after holding something they touched. 

Coughing or sneezing can also transmit germs between you two. If you find yourself coughing often, make sure to cover your nose and mouth while doing so. This is not only polite but also effective to help prevent droplets from infecting others.

  1. Stock Up

Having a large stock of cleaning supplies can help you if you find yourself around many people with the flu. From hand sanitizer to disinfecting spray, there is a wide variety of items that can help you clean surfaces. Keeping the area around you clean can help prevent the transmission of germs between people. Sometimes, people forget to wash their hands, so this extra layer of protection is vital to preventing the spread of the flu. 

Not only can you use these items on flat surfaces like tables, but you should use them on commonly shared surfaces like doorknobs and keyboards as well. Many places have dozens of people in and out of the same room each day, which can lead to a higher chance of infection. 

  1. Move Around

Getting regular exercise that helps your heart and lungs stay strong is one important way to help your immune system. No matter how you stay active, such as taking an extra set of stairs to work instead of the elevator or walking around outside during your lunch break, you can help prevent yourself from getting sick.

Exercise also reduces stress, a feeling that can harm your immune system if it becomes chronic and long-lasting. This lack of stress can also allow you to get a better night's sleep, which is another factor in preventing the flu. These lifestyle choices are an important part of staying healthy during the flu season.