5 Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes

5 Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes

In basketball, what’s on your feet affects your game. For pro jump/hook shot, crossover dribble, pick and roll, slam dunk, and more, it’s invaluable to have the best basketball shoes. Undoubtedly, this means your basketball shoes can make or break your game.

B-ball shoes are designed with performance, fashion, safety, and comfort in mind. And today, you have a myriad of options for basketball shoes to consider. But apart from performance, your kicks will help prevent foot and ankle injuries during the game and practice.

You don’t want to trip and fall when sprinting or jumping and have to stay out of the game for months to heal injuries, do you? Of course not. For an ultimate, safe game experience, choose the best basketball shoes.

Apparently, you’re playing style, capabilities, and position will affect the perfect shoes for you. As a shooting guard, point guard, point forward, or center position, your choice of basketball shoes is unique. It determines whether you go for a low, medium, or high-cut basketball shoe.

Frankly, choosing the perfect basketball shoes can be a catch-22. Here are 5 pro tips on how to choose basketball shoes to get you started.

1. Consider Your Position

Your position on the court primarily affects the type of basketball shoes you’ll buy. Well, as a guard, you play a different style compared to a center or forward. This means your shoes need to accommodate the style to enhance your performance, comfort, and safety.

Shooting guards and point guards are the best ball handlers, and they make quick cuts and fly in court transition. This requires shoes to enable these quick movements on the court. Thus, low-top basketball shoes will help with fluid movement but offers little ankle support.

If you are a forward, then you’ll want to go for high-top basketball shoes with extra weight. These types of shoes are popular among big, aggressive players. You get additional support and coverage with the high-top shoes to support your game.

If you are an all-around basketball player, find a nice middle ground to support your game. Opt for mid-top basketball shoes that offer ankle support and room for quick movements. The shoes provide more flexibility great for multi-position, hybrid players.

2. Consider Performance

Brand and aesthetics won’t be of any use if the shoes can’t improve your game. The key reason you are shopping for a basketball shoe is to improve your game, right? Well, with the right choice, rest assured your game on the court will improve.

However, to achieve this, you must check on the performance of the basketball shoes you are about to buy. Before you make your choice, check on comfort, traction, and support. The three aspects will significantly affect the performance of the shoes and, ultimately, your game.

Good support means your shoes can absorb the shock when your feet make contact with the surface to avoid any injury. Comfort refers to how cozy your feet will be as you play the game. The traction will ensure a good grip on the court floor to avoid slipping and falling as you sprint or jump.

Before buying a pair of basketball shoes, try on all these, which determines their performance. It would be best to try on shoes before you buy for the best evaluation.

3. Check on Customer Reviews

Even though there is a new basketball shoe model in the market, it might be a good idea to wait for a few weeks before buying them. During this time, you’ll want to check on the reviews of players who have already bought the shoe. After a few days upon release, you’ll find numerous reviews from past customers, and you can use them to make an informed choice.

If the model has multiple negative reviews, then buying it will be a total waste of money and time. It will be better you look for other better options.

4. Check on Aesthetics

Your next shoes for basketball don’t have to be out of style. And if you always want to be in style, rest assured to find a wide variety of options to suit your preference. However, don’t overlook the performance and how they are made over aesthetics.

You can find different designs and color schemes that appeal to your taste by shopping around. If you want to stand out on the court, go for a style with more bold design and color elements.

Also, do you know you don’t have to buy basketball shoes for the court only? Of course, you may decide to wear basketball shoes as a lifestyle option. You’ll definitely feel and look good on b-ball kicks, and this doesn’t have to be on the court only.

5. Consider Price

With lots of options for basketball shoes, all come in a wide range of prices. While some will cost a few hundred dollars, high-end basketball shoes can reach thousands of dollars. Of course, you don’t have to buy the most expensive basketball shoes in the market for the best performance.

Also, avoid going for the cheapest option you come across. Opting for a cheaper shoe to save a few dollars might be the reason you have to spend months out of the game to heal injuries. You’ll want to find the perfect option for basketball shoes on an affordable budget.

If you’re on limited funds, establish a realistic budget that can get you a comfy, safe, and performance pair of shoes. Shop around, and you’re certain to find affordable kicks on a budget or even at discounted prices. Also, you can find out more about available options for basketball shoes.

Buy the Best Basketball Shoes

Buying basketball shoes is a significant investment in your game. With the right shoe, you’ll enrich your performance, safety, and overall experience. It’s important to be clear-headed and know exactly what to look for when buying basketball shoes to make the right decision.

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