5 Hot Flooring Patterns to Elevate Your Interiors In 2022

5 Hot Flooring Patterns to Elevate Your Interiors In 2022

5 Hot Flooring Patterns to Elevate Your Interiors In 2022

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The new year is about chalking resolutions. Health, wellness, career, and creative pursuits are common goals. The concept of remodeling interiors is picking up, whether it is of the house or office space. The indoor ambiance is seeing new realities and projections. The flooring industry is also developing to meet customers’ and architects’ needs.

From natural materials to rustic textures, flooring patterns are witnessing some of the most exciting changes in home décor that will carry forward in 2022. Jargons like fumed wood, vinyl composition tile are taking over the flooring world. Buyers are searching for new and exciting options in variety, quality, elegance, and so much more. Whether you have to do your home from scratch or redesign your abode or business hub, here are five upcoming flooring trends to consider for a classy and tasteful look.  

Parquet Flooring

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This flooring style has wooden blocks arranged in a geometric pattern. The ‘parquet’ word is a derivative of the old French parquet, which means a small enclosure. Parquet flooring first gained popularity over marble floors in the 1600s in Versailles, France, after which it became accepted in Europe. It is aesthetically pleasing, and its engineered look helps it stand out.   

The parquet hardwood flooring offers a modern statement look. Interior designers and ceramic tiles manufacturers use herringbone or chevron patterns to turn a floor into a visually attractive showpiece. Parquet flooring is 100% waterproof and ideal for the kitchen and bathroom. Explore artistic parquets to make wood floor tiles more creative and individual.    

Decorative Patterns

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Graphic tiles are coming in strong as a flooring pattern for residential and business interiors. It gives the feeling of art canvas on floors. Unique and artful patterns on floors are coming in full force to break the clutter of boring whites. Pick graphic tiles in monochromatic colors. If you prefer bold colors, you can choose multi-colored patterns or hexagon themes.

Tile manufacturers like Viglacera ceramics use advanced technology to replicate endless decorative images on tiles. Jigsaw puzzles or repeating patterns, there is no end to creativity when using ornamental designs for floor tiles. Choose contrast graphic tiles to enhance the impact of your floor.  

Antiquated Black And White

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Black and white is a soft reminder of the vintage era. It looks sophisticated and brings back the warmth and nostalgia of historic homes. Black-and-white tiles are making a comeback in 2022 but boldly and more luxuriously. This color contrast can add a unique twist to the vintage flooring style.

Modern-day homemakers seek smaller black-and-white floor tiles with bolder graphic patterns and floral themes. This blends the vintage theme with contemporary to give you a classic flooring pattern and an eye-catching feel and effect. Keep in mind the color of your walls and room layout before adopting black and white flooring theme.

Natural Colors

Light-colored flooring gives a bright look. The next decade will revisit the earthy basics and keep the flooring natural. The trend shift is now promoting sustainability by encouraging natural colors and woods in floor designs. This will enhance the simplicity and coziness of the place and set in soothing luxury.

Auburn flooring installation prefer light undertones to soften the environment and brighten the room. Opt for classic gray as a perfect pairing color or stick to the natural brown for wood flooring. Try out the comfortable walnut on floors for an eco-friendly look. Consider aged wood to add a dash of vintage look to your flooring. 

Distressed Wood  

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Distressed floor style has become popular. It gives a luxury aged look on flooring admired by most homeowners. The slightly worn finish of distressed flooring happens because of artificial aging and styling processes. It provides a beautiful, rustic look. The wood plank edges are hand-scraped first to get an optimum distressed look. Kerf markings added help to reproduce a historic wood. Irregular ridges and groves add depth and definition to the wood surface, creating an aged look.

Expect to see knots, scrapes, burns on distressed wood. Hence, you will notice an aged and antique look on your tile floor. To make your distressed floor look exclusive and affluent, choose an ultra-durable tile to take care of your worry and maintenance.

Final Words

Among flooring design trends for 2022, unfinished wood is becoming a preferred color by customers. Glossy finishes are no longer popular. Low maintenance and low sheen finish with added advantages like hiding dirt and flaws is trending. Homeowners are going for specially treated flooring materials to get unique designs and textures. 

Keep your cleaning supplies in order because wood flooring needs regular cleaning. If you are in the mood for quality and durable materials, consider vinyl flooring for its waterproof and durable benefits. Eco-friendly sustainable flooring is the best way to keep up with the changing trends for non-toxic décor materials. Flooring trends change every year. Remodel your home or commercial flooring to your space and budget.

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