5 Hairstyles for Volume and How to Achieve Them

5 Hairstyles for Volume and How to Achieve Them

5 Hairstyles for Volume and How to Achieve Them

Did you know the US hair and salon industry is worth 46.2 billion dollars as of 2020?

Getting your hair done is one of the most fulfilling and personal things somebody can do. Whatever style you're looking for, adding volume to your haircut is never a bad idea. 

If you're interested in the best hairstyles for volume and hold, it pays to do a little research when it comes to styles for thicker hair. Fortunately, we've done some of the untangling for you. 

Read on for the top 5 volume-boosting hairstyle trends.

1. The Blunt Cut 

A blunt cut can foster and eventuate volume out of virtually nothing if you have thin hair. If you're looking to boost volume, this could be the style for you.

The blunt-cut style increases volume, shapeliness, plasticity, and a generally healthy look. Accentuate your natural smile and bone structure today with a blunt cut.

2. Embracing Asymmetry

An asymmetrical cut seems idiosyncratic, but it actually helps accentuate the face's natural beauty. 

While synchronization may be at the top of many beauty lists, synchronized patterns may not do so well in practice.

You can draw attention to your best side with an unsynchronised hairstyle. Add volume wike you use an apparent faux pas as a subtle yet effective settle tool.

3. A Classic Bob

choosing a classic bob can enhance fine hair and represents one of the best options for people looking at hairstyles for volume.

A bob allows lots of versatility and scope when it comes to creating a high-volume hairstyle.

You can combine simple styling with a  braided solution to improve your hair's volume and impact. Check out salonblvd.com for more simple and effective ways to bulk up both thin and thick hair.

4. Layering

Layering is an ideal way to improve your hair's buoyancy and volume. Well thought out and executed layering provides a limitless day-to-day boost.

Asking your stylist to layer your hair unlocks a range of volume benefits for your look. A bouncy, three-dimensional cut is sure to give your hair a new lease of life and style.

Color and texture layering gives a new element to your hair that's hard to match with other similar styles.

5. Long Pixie Cut

Why not try a long pixie cut for a quick volume-boosting solution.

A long pixie cut can help frame your face with a full and purposeful haircut. You will see the benefits of this playful and popular style almost immediately.

A long pixie cut is both trendy and unique. It affords a textured, considered, yet casual look.

Hairstyles for Volume Explained

So, that's the 101 on the best hairstyles for volume in 2022.

Reading up on the latest hairstyle trends helps you keep your finger on the pulse of modern fashion. Our helpful guide explains which hairstyles can help enhance your image.

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