5 Fun and Interesting Things to Do in LA with Children

5 Fun and Interesting Things to Do in LA with Children

5 Fun and Interesting Things to Do in LA with Children

It’s the holidays! The kids are out of school, and you, as a parent, need to figure out how to make their holiday memorable. If you have LA as a location in mind, well, you’re in luck! 

And, why not?

Los Angeles is the second-largest urban region in the United States which offers plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy with your children.

However, planning games and activities for kids can be a real challenge. The activity you plan should be creative and exciting for kids. They probably want to experience something off their regular to-do list, like riding the waves and making sandcastles.

We’ll share some exciting games and activities for kids in LA to keep your kids occupied:

Whale Watching

Whale watching is another fun outdoor activity where your kids have the opportunity to observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Know that LA whale watching is a recreational activity, but it also swears to serve scientific and educational purposes. 

If you’re planning the activity, consider heading between May to November, where you can expect to get beautiful views of whales (the Magnificent Blue Whale) and dolphins.

Scuba Diving

As yoga and meditation are known to relax your mind, scuba diving is not an exception. If you have children ages ten or above, it is wise to consider scuba diving. And, believe when experts say that you won’t regret it.

There’s nothing quite like the peace of gliding underwater for relieving stress. So, dive beneath and explore flora and fauna. You will see many sea creatures that you can view close when diving.

Educational Games

Are you looking for a great place to have fun with your kids? What about blending education and enjoyment- together at the same time? 

Well, Kidspace Children Museum has everything for your kids. It includes interactive exhibits and plenty of things to see and do. Know that the most popular activities available in the museum are the Hawk’s Nest, the Flood and Erosion Plain, Mud and Clay play, etc.

 In short, it is a perfect place to spend the day with your kids.

Family Entertainment:

Mulligan Family Fun Center has to offer everything for all ages. It has plenty of activities and games such as a rock wall, paddle boats, mini-golf, an arcade, go-karts, laser tag, and much more.

The center also has a picnic area, and it is the best place to celebrate birthday parties.

Marine Life Discovery:

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium has over 100 marine creatures that are extremely popular among children.

There are interactive exhibits that your kids will enjoy. For example, you can see moon jellies and watch the staff feeding the sharks. Also, with a gazillion ice cream options and a Ferris wheel, there’s a lot for your kids to fall in love with. 

The Bottom Line

Indeed, it can be hard to figure out what to do in LA with children because there are so many amazing things to see and experience.

The activities mentioned above are fun and exciting and are the best education spot for your children. After all, it’s about entertaining and educating your children, which they will appreciate in the years to come.