5 Beauty Tips for 2022

5 Beauty Tips for 2022

5 Beauty Tips for 2022

It is far too easy to get stuck in a beauty routine rut and miss cues your skin is sending that it's time to change things up. These beauty tips will leave you feeling refreshed and radiant in 2022. 

1. Learn How To Keep Stress in Check

Managing stress may not seem like a top beauty tip, but it is one of the best things you can do to improve your appearance — and a lot of other parts of your life. Stress can lead to serious consequences that affect beauty. Consider these examples:

  • Binge eating junk food: This can result in skin irritation or excess oil production, which can easily leave you feeling more self-conscious and stressed. Cue the vicious cycle. Eating a ton of junk food can also contribute to chronic inflammation and a host of accompanying health conditions.
  • Poor sleep: If you aren't getting enough sleep, your skin will be sure to tell the world with signs ranging from excess dryness to dark circles under your eyes. 
  • Irritability: Beauty is more than skin deep, so let's look at how stress affects your personality, too. There's a good chance you have a shorter-than-normal fuse when you are under a lot of stress. That doesn't exactly translate to an attractive personality. 

While you can't avoid stress, you can limit its impact on your body and mind. Keep supplies on hand to really take care of yourself. If you don't know where you start, these self care box ideas may help. Think about learning a few techniques, such as mindful meditation, that can help you keep stress in check. 

2. Use Realistic Beauty Standards

Take a moment to think about your idea of beauty. The chances that it is unrealistic are pretty good. After all, filters and selective photo sharing on the internet and social media show us only what others want to see. You don't get a glimpse into the real — i.e. messy and unattractive — parts of your favorite influencer's or celebrity's life. You see a carefully curated version that makes them look good and sets up an unrealistic beauty standard. 

You may be wondering what you can do about that. A good place to start is to look at the people in your life that you think of as beautiful. Really think about what makes you feel that way. Those are the qualities you want to strive for in your 2022 beauty routine. 

3. Keep Your Skin Hydrated 

Dry skin can become a real problem, especially as you age. That's why any skincare routine should include plenty of hydration. There is a wide selection of products available to help boost moisture, so you should be able to find one no matter what skin type you have. In general, lotions tend to be lighter and are great for normal or oily skin, while creams are a bit heavier and are good for those with serious dryness concerns. 

4. Make the Most of Your Face's Shape

With very few exceptions, each face is as unique as the individual behind it. However, there are seven main categories of face shapes. Knowing which one you have will make choosing beauty products and hairstyles much easier. Keep in mind that faces change over the course of your life. Thinning skin, loss of elasticity, and changes in weight can all impact this. So, even if you have always been told you have a round face, it's a good idea to ask a friend to help you take some measurements in order to definitively determine what shape you are working with. 

5. Choose Products That Do Double Duty

There is no reason to settle for beauty products that only do one thing. Instead, look for things like tinted moisturizers that can serve to even out your complexion and boost hydration. Products that can be applied to cheeks, eyelids and lips can also help stretch your creativity and beauty dollars. Just always remember to use proper hygiene practices when applying makeup. 

Sometimes, it's good to reset your beauty routine. Start with realistic expectations, leave your stress at the door, and use proper hydration and functional products that make the most of your face shape for a beautiful 2022.