10 Places to meet and make new friends

10 Places to meet and make new friends

10 Places to meet and make new friends

We all keep visiting new places from time-to-time. But, do you know the best places to meet new people? 

Check out some of these best places to go to meet new people. For all you know, you might foster new and beautiful relationships.

  • The park

Whether you go alone or with your dog (if you have one) - for a walk in the neighborhood park – remember to leave your headphones at home, so that you can invite more conversation. Parks are the best places to spark up a conversation with someone and see what comes of it.

  • The coffee shop

Coffee shops are bound to be full of people from your community. Carry a book to read, or just work on your laptop. Sit near someone that interests you and hopefully a conversation will naturally spring up!

  • Places of worship

Though not for everyone, religious places are a perfect place to meet other faith-based folks. You could start slowly by joining a local group. You will quickly feel comfortable at the place of your choice. Meeting someone will be the obvious next step.

  • The bookstore

It might seem to be out of a rom-com flick— but bookstores are actually great places to meet new people. If you are not bold enough to strike up a conversation, go ahead and join one of your local bookstore groups. Most bookstores offer writing groups, book clubs, and live author events. Start going to the events and you will begin to see familiar faces. 

  • Sports teams/groups

Most communities have groups of different kinds to join. Check your local events calendar or just start your own. By using community-based social-networking sites like thisTangle.com, it should be relatively easy to create a new event. One of the best ways to meet new people is through a shared common interest!

  • Language school

Language schools are not only about learning a new language. They are also about expanding your horizons, opening your mind to a new culture, and learning an entirely new skill. Start a study group, or buddy-up with someone you feel comfortable with. Who knows? You could be on your way to a first date.

  • Volunteering

Meeting people while volunteering is a great way to ensure your interests are in line with your potential new partner. Volunteer programs are incredibly easy to come by. Work for a good cause, and meet someone special along the way.

  • A hostel

If you are traveling cross country, or even on a solo two-day trip, check into a hostel. Hostels are the perfect way to meet new people and new experiences. Even if it’s a long-distance relationship, some people are worth it. You never know who you will meet.

  • The local marketplace!

Chances are, if your locality has a local market place, you are bound to meet someone there. Interact with local vendors, talk to your neighbors, or may be event rent a spot of your own. These market places are universal for being feel-good, relaxing, cultural places to go.

  • Meet-ups

There are several options both online and offline - dedicated to introducing community members to one another. Meetups are a great way to meet new people. thisTangle.com website has specific events to match your interests, or you can even create an event or activity of your own! Meetups are very popular, so search your community area, and you will be on your way to meeting a new special someone!

Keep this checklist handy, and you are sure to meet new people- and maybe more than one!

Of course you can join thisTangle to meet new people who share similar interests. thisTangle represents a shared, intentional knot in the fabric of people's lives. The knot that entangles them to engage, meet for a purpose, activity or even a task, and gives them fulfillment and allows them to meet their objectives. It provides a shared harmonious moment in the lives of people who are otherwise probably set on disparate paths. Like when destiny intervenes to make two people sit next to each other in an aeroplane. Sometimes those people start talking and they are aligned so well that they end up adding magic to each other's lives. This platform is like that aeroplane, except that you don’t have to buy an aeroplane ticket or let airline policy decide who you would be seated next to. All you have to do is to think what you would like to do and then choose your partner from right where you are. 

It is our sincere hope and expectation that many people from different backgrounds, who may be worlds apart, could come together using this platform for a mutual interest that would leave them both happier and enhanced.

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