10 Life Changing Events to Watch Out For

10 Life Changing Events to Watch Out For

10 Life Changing Events to Watch Out For

We often chart our lives based on a series of milestones. Human beings around the world today are living to an average age of about 73 years old. 

This average life expectancy is a modern marvel. It also denotes that you have plenty of great years of milestones to look forward to. 

Here are the top life changing events that most people will go through at some point. 

1. Falling in Love and Experiencing Heartbreak

There's a reason that entire genres of music have revolved around love songs. You would be hard-pressed to name any classic movie that didn't feature a love interest. 

The human psyche is wired to fall in love and live happily ever after. Coming of age for most people generally comes with a first love. Experiencing romantic feelings that deeply for the first time adds color and joy to life in ways that are hard to describe. 

Unfortunately, first love typically also leads to first heartbreak. Studies show that 80% of people have had their hearts broken. Unless you're fortunate enough to marry your first love, you're probably also in this category. 

First heartbreaks are just as important. This hurt and disappointment add perspective to life and context to love. Overcoming heartbreak to try again also strengthens your faith and ability to take a chance. 

2. Getting Into a Car Accident

Driving is the most dangerous thing that most people do without thinking about it. Car accidents are incredibly common, and you're likely to get into one if you haven't already. 

Most vehicle wrecks are minor, though many lead to injuries and damage to the automobile. You should learn more about the legal aspect of these accidents in case you ever have to file a claim. 

3. Graduating High School

Getting your high school diploma is the first major milestone most people achieve. It not only marks the end of your primary education but it also marks a transition into adulthood. 

This is when people decide to continue their education at the next level, enter the armed forces, enter the workforce, or go off to learn a trade. It's the end of childhood norms and the beginning of adult responsibilities. 

High school graduation is equally important, whether it's the culmination of formal education or a launching pad to bigger challenges. 

4. Moving Away or Going to College

Leaving the nest is another vital milestone that happens for most shortly after high school. Going off to college is a big step even for a student attending school in-state and close to where they grew up. 

Other students might opt to attend college far from home, or enter the military, where they might receive station assignments all over the world. Jobs and schooling aside, most people eventually decide to get a place of their own. 

Having your own living space with a schedule of bills and obligations is a key rite of passage into adulthood. 

5. Getting Married to the Love of Your Life

After dating for a while, many people find that special someone that they want to spend the rest of their life with. Marrying the person you love charts a new beginning where it feels like anything is possible. 

You'll likely want to plan a wedding with all of your closest family and friends. It's important to also think of marriage as a business. The two of you should learn to manage household finances and set aside money for retirement and raising a family. 

6. Graduating College and Starting a New Career

Landing that first meaningful career position is something that most people look forward to. This may involve internships, lots of networking, attending job fairs, and doing your best to put yourself out there. 

Everyone's career path is on a different timetable, particularly if yours involves multiple degrees. Going to get a master's or doctorate degree is a special period of mastery that many people take on. 

Weigh all the important aspects of choosing a career path. This includes things like salary, level of education required, quality of life, and other matters. 

7. Buying Your First House

Closing on your first home is another life milestone that people look forward to. There's a sense of pride that comes when you own where you live, rather than paying rent money to a landlord. 

Consider your neighborhood and make sure that you choose a home that will keep appreciating in value. You might consider first-time homebuyer programs that make buying a home easier. 

From here, you will love putting TLC into your home with landscaping, plumbing and electrical upgrades, and other remodeling efforts. 

8. Having Your First Baby

Starting a family is a blessing that makes life itself worth living. When you've been married to the love of your life, you naturally might want to have a baby or two to grow your family. 

This is an exciting and scary journey that you'll go on together and will be able to take your child through many of their own life changes and milestones. 

9. Retiring From Work

There comes a time that everyone will eventually want to pump their brakes and kick their feet up. 

Reaching retirement age is another major life event that people go through. It's a special time that allows you to look back and reflect on a rewarding career. 

This transition is also rewarding because you'll get more time to vacation or spend with your grandkids. 

10. Divorce and Loss

Finally, there are also several stages of loss in life. While many people marry, a large amount also get divorced. 

Getting past divorce is a significant life matter that will teach you a lot and build plenty of character. With age, people also begin experiencing a lot of death in their lives. 

You'll likely notice yourself going to a lot more funerals, and will likely start to develop some understanding of death or your own way of processing it. 

Get to Know These Life Changing Events

These life changing events are milestones that many people go through. You'll experience several ups and downs on this beautiful journey of life. The points above are some of the most memorable. 

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