Women’s misconceptions about strength training

Women’s misconceptions about strength training

Women's misconceptions about strength training

Strength training is very beneficial for shaping your body, strengthening your muscles, and increasing your body resistance. Don't be afraid to use strength training equipment, but if you don't know how to use it or are wondering how to balance it with aerobic exercise, talk to your gym trainer. They will be happy to help.

Most of the women who go to the gym work out to lose weight and build a toned body. For this reason, women do not want to do strength training. Because there are many unsubstantiated stories about strength training.

These stories are not true. And if you really want to lose weight and build a toned body, strength training is absolutely essential. This is because it works the muscles and helps them grow.

So, let's take a look at some of the misconceptions about strength training, one by one.

Women's misconceptions about strength training

“If you do strength training, you will build tons of muscle!”

This myth was gradually spread by the muscular women who appeared on TV. However, such a body type is created only through a diet different from that of the general public and rigorous training with heavyweights.

In fact, women have much less muscle mass than men, making it even more difficult to reach that level. Moreover, men have the advantage of being able to train muscles more easily than women due to the secretion of testosterone, which is responsible for muscle growth.

“Strength machines are for men only!”

It is true that when you go to the gym, men usually occupy strength training equipment. However, the entire facility of the gym is for everyone, male or female. Today, many of the myths about the differences between men and women have already been proven to be false. And more and more women are using strength training equipment.

Both strength training equipment and other equipment can help keep your body in shape and keep you in great shape.

“If you do strength training, you will gain weight!”

This is a really bad idea! Strength training helps increase muscle mass, so your number may go up when you are on the scale, but this is not because you are gaining weight, but because you are developing muscle.

Muscle has more water than fat, so it weighs more, but water is everything.

If you're still unsure, take a body composition test to see if your body's percentage of muscle mass is greater than that of fat.

“You won’t burn calories with strength training!”

As we said in the introduction, we know that most women go to the gym to lose weight. And the secret is to burn calories while eating in moderation.

You might think that cardio burns more calories because you can easily track your progress. 

On the other hand, strength training is a more complex process. Not only does strength training require a lot of effort, but it also makes your heart beat faster than aerobic exercise.

In addition, strength training may tear the muscles a little and you may feel pain, but they will recover within 48 hours. This process requires more energy and calories than aerobic exercise. The ideal way is to combine the two types of exercise to do a circular exercise.

“Using strength training equipment is dangerous!”

I'm sure some of you who've used strength training machines have experienced tearing muscles. This experience may be the reason why the misconceptions surrounding women's strength training are spreading and women usually don't even try.

But think again, muscle tears can occur with any exercise, even while walking. The risks of strength training aren't that different from other exercises. If you warm-up and stretch, nothing will happen when you do strength training or any other exercise.