Which finger do you wear a Promise Ring on?

Which finger do you wear a Promise Ring on?

Which finger do you wear a Promise Ring on?

Promise Ring: a ring with profound meaning and depth. Imagine adding a personal touch to such a symbol – that’s where personalized rings come into play. Such customization adds an extra layer of value, making it even more special. A promise ring could be a symbol of commitment, pledge, loyalty or everlasting love. Or everything combined together! Yes, a ring signifying something so beautiful and intimate! Maybe that’s why apart from an engagement ring, a promise ring holds great value for people. Whether it is a men’s ring or a woman’s, this type of ring can make an important statement as well as being hugely sentimental for couples. It is always a pleasure to adorn it. That being said, hasn’t discussed exactly on which finger a Promise Ring can be worn become all the more exciting? Plus, a discerning knowledge of wearing wedding rings or engagement rings versus Promise rings. Hop on!

What is your cause behind wearing a Promise Ring?

Apart from signifying a promise of togetherness between lovers or before exchanging an official Engagement ring, a Promise Ring can also be exchanged between friends signifying everlasting friendship, between parents and child signifying eternal care or even to own self to take a pledge of getting something done. Thus, a promise ring can be a great personalized gift. So many causes, all wonderful in their own way! All you need to do is identify your cause in order to decide on what finger the Promise Ring could go on!

Which finger to don a promise ring on?

Here we’ll discuss the different fingers a promise ring could go on, depending upon the meaning and causes behind wearing it. 

  • Ring Finger: 

Commonly, a Promise Ring is worn on the Ring Finger, i.e, the fourth finger, by couples very much in love to take a promise of forever. But hold on! Did you know it can be worn on the ring finger of the left hand as well as the right hand, representing two different meaning? Let’s have a look on that:

Ring Finger of the left hand: 

Wearing a Promise Ring on the Ring Finger of the left hand could signify that the couple is in a serious relationship and only committed to one another. It is worn before adorning an emerald claddagh ring, insinuating that even though engagement is not happening yet, they have been taken by one another and there is no going back! Same sex couples also wear a promise ring on the ring finger of the left hand to reflect how serious they are about one another, specially in a world that is a bit harsh on them. All in all, wearing a promise ring on the ring finger of the left hand is quite a tradition among young couples. Heart touching, isn’t it?

Ring Finger of the right hand: 

Well, congratulations if you’re thinking about wearing a Promise Ring on the Ring Finger of your right hand. That’s because a Promise Ring is typically worn on the Ring Finger of the Right hand by engaged/married couples to reminisce their love and take a promise of never falling apart. Commonly, men give their wives a promise ring to celebrate a certain anniversary in their relationship that is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. In fact in terms of fashion, it is more trendy than an engagement ring

Although, traditionally people wear a promise ring on the Ring finger, there could be other alternatives as well. Let’s have a look:

  • Middle Finger: 

Apart from the ring finger, the other most popular finger to don a ring on is the Middle Finger. Causes can obviously vary! Apart from it being a fashion statement, ring on a middle finger could also symbolize balance and responsibility. So, people can wear a promise ring on the middle finger in order to take up responsibility for something, show responsibility and commitment towards a person or just flaunt this beautiful ring on the longest finger of the hand. Men can often be seen donning a promise ring on the middle finger for various reasons. 

  • Pinky Finger

Pinky finger? Pinky Promise! Wasn’t it the first thing that came to your mind? Well, that’s because a Promise Ring can be adorned on the Pinky finger to specifically make a promise. Any promise to any one, be it your friend, parent, lover or yourself. A promise ring on pinky finger could signify a promise of everlasting friendship, trust and being there for one there or a promise by your parents of eternal care or from you to your parents indicating that you’ll always be away from drugs and harmful substances. Yes, a promise ring could be that thoughtful! Or guess what? You can also gift eye-catching pinky rings for men and wear it to make a promise to yourself and gain the motivation of getting something done or to always practice self love.


Isn’t it fascinating how you can don a promise ring on different fingers for different reasons? Be it for any cause, a promise ring on any finger looks as classy. Maybe it’s because it is so versatile that it can go on any finger. Haven’t you noticed in place of couple engagement rings, adults nowadays can be seen donning a promise ring on right finger to tell the world that they have been taken! Having discussed the different fingers to wear a promise ring on, we would just say that there is no hard and fast rule as such! If you have a specific reason to wear a promise ring on a specific finger, well and good! If not, who cares? You can always decide on what finger you’d like your promise ring on! If confused, you can always go through the above mentioned points answering how you can decide which finger to wear your promise ring on. And if you’re unsure which size will fit you best, learn how to find your US ring size. We hope we could clear some of your confusion and wish you luck in deciding how you want to don your promise ring. We’re sure it would look pretty any which ways.