What to Prepare For Your Trip to Spain

What to Prepare For Your Trip to Spain

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The Iberian Peninsula is calling, and there are many adventures awaiting you. A trip to Spain is one of the most fun things you can do, and when you get there, there is going to be a lot of culture, sites, and history to take in as well as a diversity of different cultures to absorb. With so much running around, and with so much going on with the pandemic, it will help to make yourself a list of things to keep in mind as you are planning your trip so that you are fully prepared when you get there. Here is the ultimate list to make when you are preparing to go on your next trip to Spain. 

Get Travel Insurance

The world is constantly changing. With new health guidelines and travel guidelines, your trip could be changed or canceled at a moment’s notice. If your trip is not fully canceled and you continue to go on your trip, travel insurance can really help you in the event that there is a medical emergency of injury. 

By signing up for Spain travel insurance, you will be fully protected on your journey, and in case anything happens to you, you will be able to get the medical attention and help you need to be safe and able to get back home as soon as possible. 

Get a Spanish Phrase Book

As you are making your itinerary and preparing for all the sights you are going to be seeing, you may want to take language into consideration. Although many places in Spain, especially in the big cities, speak a multitude of languages, you may want to know a few words of the national language: Spanish. 

Like any country, it is respectful to know the local language. When you are putting everything together for your trip, go to the bookstore and get a Spanish phrase book. Although you may want to memorize a few of the phrases, you won’t have to memorize them all. If the person speaks your language they will communicate with you the best way that works for you, but greet them in their own language out of respect. 

Rent a Car

Spain is not that large, so renting a car is a great way to get around. A lot of people choose bus tours or even bike tours to get around the country and see all the places there are to see, but renting a car is the best way. With a car you don’t have to follow anyone else’s itinerary or anyone else’s time schedule. You will be free to explore as much as you want for however long you want. 

Choose which cities are the ones you want to see and then you can drive around as you will at your own pace. This will give you the opportunity to see all the sights that mean the most to you. Research rental cars as you are planning your trip and find an affordable one that will give you the freedom to see all of Spain. 

Rent Apartments 

Although it is easy to find affordable hotels and book rooms, to get the full travel experience of your journey, rent apartments as you travel in order to feel what it is like to live in this country. You will be able to go to local markets and cafes, and you will be able to walk around the cities and be away from all the tourist attractions and experience life as the residents do.

Renting an apartment is easy. Just go to a Spain apartment rental site, and you will be shown dozens of listings for you to choose from. Pick which one suits your needs and book. This way, you also get to have less restrictions as far as coming and going is concerned, and when you have your own apartment, the kitchen is always open. 

Pick the Cities You Want to See

Go on the internet, look up a map of Spain, and choose where you want to explore. If the time of year is right, and you are looking for the beach, you can choose cities on the Mediterranean as your first stop. Cities like Barcelona and Valencia are right on the ocean and offer the best in seafood and Spanish cuisine. 

If you want to see more history of Spain, the capital city of Madrid offers a lot in the way of modern life mixed with rich Spanish history. The further north you go you will see Spanish influence and French influence, and when you go west Portuguese, and south Morrocan. There are so many flavors in Spain, and they are all just waiting for you.

Pick Your Favorite Area and Explore Nearby Countries

It is very easy to get in the car and drive to Portugal or France. These countries share a traditional land border with Spain, and if you choose to be west or east you can easily access these countries. Visiting a city like Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, will give you insight into Portuguese food, culture, and architecture. Some of the bridges and buildings in Lisbon are known around the world. 

You can drive to the South of France and visit the riviera that is known for casinos, wealth, and beaches. If you are in southern Spain, you can take a ferry for one hour and arrive in Tangier in Morocco where you can experience a mix of Spanish, Moroccan, Middle Eastern, and African culture. 

There are plenty of other things to put on this list like what to wear, what to pack, what to bring, and making sure your passport is up to date, but this list is what you need to put at the top in order to curate the perfect trip to Spain. 

Whether you are going to one city or taking the time to see the entire country, if you plan your trip wisely you will get to see and experience the best of everything. Buen Viaje!