The Best Things to do in Amsterdam as a Tourist

The Best Things to do in Amsterdam as a Tourist

The Best Things to do in Amsterdam as a Tourist

Amsterdam is ranked eighth among Europe's most popular cities to visit for international tourists. Amsterdam was the center for diamond trade pre-World War II. Amsterdam's rich culture, along with the varied activities, makes it an excellent place for you to visit alone or with your family. Choose budget-friendly stay options like B&B Amsterdam to get the full experience. 

Visit the Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum is a tribute to the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. It features his masterpieces such as The Potato eaters, The Bedroom, Almond Blossom, Sunflowers, and so on. 

It has the world's most extensive collection of Vincent Van Gogh's works. You can also see all the paintings involved in the most significant art theft in the Netherlands

Visit the Anne Frank House

Anne Frank was a wartime diarist, and Anne Frank House is a dedication to her. You can learn about Amsterdam's World War II history through an audio tour, photos, videos, and original items. The Anne Frank house is located on a canal in central Amsterdam. 

Here, you will discover the story of Anne Frank and the atrocities committed against Jewish people. The monument is where she and her family went hiding from the Nazis for over two years. The house consists of a museum and an annex showcasing her lifestyle. You will have to book a slot online before visiting the place.

Take a Canal Cruise

Amsterdam's UNESCO-protected canal belt is one of the oldest gems in the city. The canal was created in the 17th century and has become one of the quintessential architectural masterpieces. Canal cruising provides an opportunity to explore the whole layout of the city. 

The canal cruise becomes magical by sunset, with the bridges being lit by multiple fairy lights. As you cruise through the canal, you see tilting homes popularly known as dancing houses and enjoy candlelit nights, exquisite food, and wine.

Take Cycle Rides Through the City

Amsterdam has over eight hundred thousand bicycles. Cycling is considered a way of life in Amsterdam. The city comprises a vast network of cycle routes. 

The flat landscape of the city is another feature that makes cycling easy. You can rent a bicycle and roam around exploring the nooks and corners of the city.

Interact with Locals

Amsterdam localities are known for their warm and welcoming attitude. Interacting with these culture-rich humans can brighten up your day while helping you rediscover your perception of life. 

You can also know more details about the places to visit, dishes to try out, homestays, and hotels for your stay. Interacting with the locals also helps you know more about the cultural events and seasonal festivals that are ready to explore.

Explore the City's Famous Cafes

Another thing to try in the city is cafe hopping. You can try out the wide variety of dishes offered across Europe in Amsterdam. The friendly locals and the warm and welcoming cafes will leave you with moments that will last forever. You can also visit the local brewery to have some fresh Amsterdam-made beer.

Final Thoughts

It's recommended you allow sufficient time for your Amsterdam trip since there is plenty to see and do here. Canal cruises and cycling are the best ways to explore the city. Use online services to find the best B&B in Amsterdam and other accommodation options.