Quick And Easy Hairstyle Ideas For Long Straight Hair

Quick And Easy Hairstyle Ideas For Long Straight Hair

Quick and Easy Hairstyle Ideas for Long Straight Hair

When you stand in front of the mirror on a Monday morning, looking for different ways to style your hair, it is as if you have run out of ideas. This can sometimes result in a bad hair day, and you cannot wear a scarf every day of the week. Hairstyle inspiration does not have to come only when you are at the salon because there are a lot of DIY ideas that are simple to pull off at home, even when you are in a hurry. Consider some of them in the gallery below.

Double buns

The space bun is ideal for someone who has a lot of long hair and wants to keep it up. Whether you want your buns on the top of your head or hanging low at the base of your head just before your neckline, it will still produce the desired effect in either case. The only thing you have to do is divide the midsection of your hair into two equal sections. Tie each section together with an elastic band. Each section of hair should be wrapped around its elastic band and secured with a bobby pin. Then voila! You have completed your task. You could accessorize or go for a more minimalist look, in which case less is more. Mickey Mouse, the well-known television cartoon character, is the inspiration for this look.

Looped ponytail

This is yet another straightforward hairstyle that can be achieved at home in a matter of minutes. This hairstyle is quite simple but you can look up its pricing list and that of similar styles if you cannot do it yourself. First and foremost, pull all of your hair back into a ponytail at the base of your neck or wherever you feel most comfortable doing so. Try securing your hair in the ponytail a second time, but do not pull your hair completely through the band. Pull it halfway through and leave out the rest of it. You could use bobby pins to tuck in the remaining part of your hair, or you could wrap the remaining hair around the elastic band. This will give you a sophisticated appearance, whether you are going to work or ballroom dance.

Ponytail 2.0

When using a ponytail as the foundation, there are numerous styles to choose from. This style is not only beautiful, but it is also simple to achieve. All of your hair should be pulled back into a ponytail, preferably at the base of your neck. Make a hole in your hair just before the elastic band that was used to tie your hair in a ponytail and pull the ponytail through the hole. When you're finished, make any necessary adjustments, whether you want it tight and functional or loose, so that people can appreciate the pull-through. Because the pull-through would naturally create a cover for the band, it is not necessary to worry if your hair color is not the same as the band.

Half up Ponytail

As the name suggests, this is a hairstyle that is distinguished by a half ponytail. Make a high ponytail out of a section of your hair in the front just by your ears and secure it with bobby pins. Afterward, take a small section of hair from a ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band until the band is no longer visible. Ideally, you would wear your hair in a high ponytail held in place by an invisible elastic band with the rest of your hair cascading around your shoulders. This is a really beautiful style that is simple to achieve in a short period.

Braided updos

There is a lot you could do with braids, and we are going to list a few. You could put all your hair in a loose braid and with the help of bobby pins, secure it up in an updo. After putting your hair in a loose braid, you could also put the braid around your head in a crown style and secure it with bobby pins. Getting updos at the salon would attract about 130 to 140 dollars.



Styling your hair in waves may take 3 to 5 minutes; however, the process starts a day before. You would typically have to pay about 500 dollars to get your hair blow-dried and curled, but with tools like heatless hair rollers, you could put your hair in rollers the night before and take them out after your makeup, define the curls or waves however you want them and head out the door. 

Hairstyle ideas do not need to be borne in the salon, and they do not have to be boring. Try out any of these, and you will not have a bad hair day in view.