New Office? Ways To Maintain The Grout Of Your Tiled Floors

New Office? Ways To Maintain The Grout Of Your Tiled Floors

New Office? Ways To Maintain The Grout Of Your Tiled Floors

No matter the colour and design of your office rooms, the look of your floors define your workplace. Did you know that grout keeps the tiles together? Grouting is adding a thin line of mortar in the spaces between tiles. Although fresh and new grout looks good, the porous and light-coloured material is quite susceptible to discolouration and damage. Grout can show signs of ageing by cracking or allowing water to seep behind or in between the tiles. Hence, it necessitates regular cleaning with some routine doses of professional grout cleaning to prevent any major damage. Keep reading to know about some ways to maintain the grout of your tiled floors.

  1. Daily cleaning

You can prevent the collection of dust and dirt in between tiles and premature staining by daily sweeping and wiping your floors. The daily cleaning routine might initially seem taxing in an office with high foot falls, but it's always beneficial in the long run. The cleaning staff can start by sweeping and then pouring some clean water on the floors and wiping it away with a good squeegee. The tool helps remove liquid from flat surfaces and also grouts. Consult with your tile supplier and get a cleaner for daily maintenance. 

  1. Deep cleaning

Despite the daily cleaning, before or after office hours, food oils and soap scum cling to the surface, and this is why you need to give your office a deep clean regularly. When you hire a professional cleaning company, it saves you time and the money required to buy products and equipment like grout cleaner machines or rotating agitator cleaners. Professional cleaners have the training and experience to make your floors shine like new and increase longevity by preventative measures. Certified cleaning companies use only industry-grade cleaning products and suggest cleaning methods and products for daily use.

  1. Regrouting for permanent stains

Sometimes, even difficult cleaning techniques like using harsh chemicals on specific grout areas can't help to remove the stubborn stain and can subject the surrounding tiles to permanent damage. It is best to hire a professional for renewing the stained grout when it shows signs of flaking and tiles coming off. You should address the issue ASAP because, with delay, water can seep into your flooring and destabilize the structure. Regrouting is a two-step process: a professional first removes or scrapes the old grout from the seams and then applies the new grout with a grout float and removes the excess.

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner and microfibre brush for instant remedy

Almost every person faces a situation where they spill the food or drinks on the floor, which drips down to the grout. If you're someone showing signs of OCD, you might immediately wipe off spillage and be content, but it might come as a rude shock the next day when you see stained grout. The best solution is to have your cleaners use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the debris and then use a microfibre brush with some daily cleaner to scrub the stain. Please be informed that the above step is applicable only for fresh spills and stains. 

  1. Using carpeting for conference and guest rooms

The old proverb of "prevention is better than cure" couldn't have a more suitable example than in this context. We know how employees roaming around the city enter our conference rooms or cafeteria with soiled shoes. For such dangers, it's best to use carpeting in the populated areas of the office as it saves the tiles and grout from scratching and soiling.


Follow the above tips, and do remember that keeping the grout of your tiled floors is possible only by regular cleaning and maintenance.