How To Become A Foodie Influencer: The 4 Steps

How To Become A Foodie Influencer: The 4 Steps

How To Become A Foodie Influencer: The 4 Steps

There are so many ways to make money online these days that you really have your pick for options. There are so many that even cat influencers are a thing. If you are looking for a way to make extra money, or to replace your full-time income, then there is a topic just right for you. Whatever you’re into, there is an audience waiting for you to make videos and social media posts about it. 

For instance, if you love to cook or eat great food then you can turn that passion into being a food influencer and make money that way. You just need patience and the ability to learn new skills. Moody product photography, video editing, and the right marketing strategy will help put you over the edge.

In this article, we will go over the steps you need to take to make the dream of being a food influencer a reality. 

1 - Find your niche

The cooking niche is very broad. Take a look at Instagram and Youtube and try to count how many people are making food videos and posts. The hill you have to climb is enormous.

Getting seen when you are trying to be an all-around cook will be very difficult. The best way forward is to find a smaller niche to work within. An example would be a particular cuisine like Thai, Russian, Italian, or even from whatever region you are living in currently. 

The idea is that there will be plenty of people looking to improve their cooking skills in the type of cuisine you specialize in and will be seeking out people like you. 

2 - Pick a platform

There are loads of social media platforms out there and it would be impossible to use all of them. Find the one you are most comfortable with and focus there. The most popular ones for food accounts are Instagram and Youtube. You can do both of those or focus on one or the other but try to avoid adding too many other ones.

When you choose one or two then you can put your time and effort into creating great content that your fans want to see. When you spread yourself out thin then you will struggle to create good content since you won’t have time. 

3 - Be helpful

Content that people can actually use is going to help you grow a following. It needs to look great but at the same time if it looks great but people can’t try to make the same recipe then you’ll fall short of your goals. 

It’s a tightrope that you need to tread where you have to be helpful, show lots of personality and also make great food all at the same time. 

4 - Do collaborations

A fast way to grow and build a loyal fanbase is to seek out collaborations with other influencers in your space. You want to find people that do cooking videos but are not your exact competition. So, if you are a bread baker, find cake bakers and see if there is a way to make some kind of interesting video. 

Make sure that you have something to offer since your target will have more followers than you so it has to work for them too.