How Can a Hairstylist Move Her Career Abroad?

How Can a Hairstylist Move Her Career  Abroad?

How Can a Hairstylist Move Her Career Abroad?

Have you contemplated relocating to another country in order to pursue a career in the hairdressing industry? Yeah, that could be a great decision! However, settling down at a new location could be daunting and difficult. It takes more than your skills to get you on your feet in a foreign land.

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One of the many challenges of working overseas is ensuring that your abilities and cultural awareness are up to par. And once you could get this right, you might even find yourself jetting all over the world to teach and showcase new trends or sell new products and hairstyles. Below are a few tips to get you started.


    • Get your Visa ready: Although, not every immigrant requires a Visa before entering into some countries. If you find yourself in the categories of those that require a Visa, make sure you secure it before embarking on the journey. This will ease your chances of securing a work permit, so you can carry out your trade without any disturbances and make your stay legal.
    • Collate a list of salons in your new area: Do some background research on these salons and find out some info about their job. You can use their social media platforms to gather enough information about what they are doing. E.g. social media posts, customers reviews, and comments, hashtags, etc. If you do not have a full grasp of the local language, you can use the best translation site to translate into your own language and vice versa.
    • Socialize with people around you: This is a major step you must take immediately when you land in your new location. Ensure you interact with people of both genders and get to make new acquaintances. By doing so, you would be likely to get invited to events and have many chances to introduce yourself and what you do to everyone you meet. 
    • Get your Cosmetology Certificate/License: in most countries, aside from your work permit, you are required to pass a trade test. After passing the test, you would be issued a trade certificate and a trade guide. However, in some countries, your license from your country is enough. You can consult with the services of the best translators at a token to help you translate your license into the local language.
    • Apply for a job at existing salons: This is another way to get yourself familiarized with your new environment. When you work at the salon, you will meet people, you will understand the culture, the trends, and prizing. And this will further boost your confidence in working in a new location.
    • Introduce your brand: After you might have got settled, do not hesitate to introduce your brand to your "willing" customers. When your clients are satisfied with your job, they will refer their friends and family to you.
  • Bonus Tip: Salons are known to be the best source of information, especially to new immigrants. When you are well established, you can take advantage of this by becoming an estate agent and making more money for yourself. And, as well help people to get cheap accommodations.


Talent only is not enough when relocating abroad. Even if you are the best hairstylist in your country, when you travel abroad, you must learn one or two things to be able to succeed in your new environment. With adequate information and hard work, you can be ruling the world of your trade in a new location just within a few weeks or months.


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