8 Reasons Why You Should Have An Amethyst

8 Reasons Why You Should Have An Amethyst

8 Reasons Why You Should Have An Amethyst

Amethyst is a unique and beautiful crystal that comes in stunning shades of purple. Not only is it well known for its striking appearance, but it is also widely used for its powerful properties. Buy Amethyst from crystal.eu is a commonly used crystal that offers lots of benefits like characterized as a protective stone, it’s known to emit strong, purifying, and powerful energy that can be used to restore the balance of the mind, body, and soul.

For many, the benefits of Amethyst are unclear. 

To give you some clarity on why you should have an amethyst, we’ll tell you 8 amazing benefits of the remarkable quartz crystal. 

  • Physical Healing Properties 

Amethyst is a great crystal for improving physical processes such as boosting hormone levels. Its energy is believed to have a direct connection with the nervous system. In doing so, it works to stimulate the system and improve oxygenation to promote the increased release of hormones. The result is experiencing improved mood, reduced stress, and getting better quality sleep. It is also used to treat ailments of the digestive system and immune system. 

  • Emotional Healing Properties 

Amethyst works wonders when it comes to treating matters of emotion. It is exceptionally supportive in assisting and bringing balance to the emotional body. The crystal emits strong but soothing energy that works to relieve stress and tension. In doing so, it will enable you to get back in a clear state of mind. This is effective for those who experience anxiety and overwhelm as the crystal emits a feeling of calm and clear-headedness. 

  • Psychological Healing 

Amethyst is commonly used in therapeutic healing. It is believed to contain properties associated with healing ailments of the nervous system. In doing so, it works to promote psychological healing such as improving sleep quality and mental clarity. Using an amethyst helps to relieve imbalance in the body by reducing tension and strain. In doing so, the crystals' energy works to soothe and rejuvenate the mind helping to reduce feelings of anger, fear, and anxiety that cause psychological stress. Amethyst is connected to the crown chakra which works to promote spiritual connection and balance. It can be used to help improve sleep quality, treat insomnia, and banish nightmares. Its higher energy offers the benefits of being able to more easily remember and recall dreams. 

  • Spiritual Benefits 

The amethyst stone offers extremely powerful energy that promotes spiritual awareness. Its clear and purifying energy works to awaken the soul to realize potential beyond the physical body and stimulate the third eye chakra for developed intuition. Characterized as a natural tranquilizer, amethyst provides a shield against negative energies.

  • Meditation Benefits 

Amethyst embodies a high vibrational frequency which is great for using during meditations to connect with your higher self. It emits nurturing energy that works to stimulate the higher mind and opens up the potential to receive divine energy and spiritual power. In receiving this frequency, you may experience newfound insights and wisdom that will guide you. 

  • Protective Properties 

Amethyst is most commonly known as a crystal of spiritual protection. The crystal offers purifying energy which works to cleanse your energy and remove negative energies and influences from your space. It acts as a protective shield against negativity by creating a barrier. It’s commonly used as a shield against experiencing psychic attacks, the negative energy of unhealthy environments, and stagnant energy. Also, wearing the Amethyst as a necklace, ring or protection crystal bracelets can shield you from negativity throughout the day. And If you wish to receive the healing benefits of using your gemstone crystals, remember to regularly cleanse them from negative energy  by placing  them on the ground or leaving them in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours 

  • Habit Changing 

Amethyst works to help you get clear on the cause and effect of negative habits that you may have formed. Its energy works to identify the significant causes of negative behavior and emotional patterns and addictions. It works to help you recognize the reality of the behavior and assists in promoting clarity for better decision-making. Its peaceful and calming energy is great for providing support in difficult times of transitions and facing up to reality. 

  • Easy to use 

Amethyst can be used in multiple ways. You can harness its purifying and powerful energy by simply placing it in your home, wearing it as jewelry, or meditating with it. It’s a great source of energy to get you in touch with yourself and it is so easy to implement into your life. 


So, there you have it… 8 amazing reasons why you should have an amethyst. Not only does it contain powerful properties for healing, but it also aids in stimulating and promoting internal growth and development. If you’re looking for a crystal you can easily implement into your life and use to improve multiple areas, amethyst may be the crystal for you. Carnelian is another crystal that offers similar properties and benefits to amethyst. Find the ultimate guide to Carnelian’s meaning, healing properties, and benefits at https://www.mycrystals.com/meaning/carnelian-meaning-and-healing-properties.