7 Reasons It’s Better to Travel in a Group

7 Reasons It’s Better to Travel in a Group

7 Reasons It's Better to Travel in a Group

Though all forms of travel can enrich your life and shape your experience in unique ways, there are a number of advantages to traveling in a group. Even those who prefer to travel solo or call all of the shots can have a great time on a group vacation. Read on to discover seven reasons why shared travel experiences are a can’t-miss adventure.

  1. You’ll Be Able to Bond

There’s a reason human beings gather together in larger groups for parties and events, and why employers facilitate virtual escape room team building exercises for their employees. A large group of friends, family members or acquaintances who all come together for the same purpose can enjoy the company of a larger number of people, develop and grow relationships with multiple people at the same time and build stronger relationships and memories with just about everyone in the group through the experiences you share on your trip. 

  1. Planning Is Easier

Travel requires a great deal of planning and preparation regardless of how many people are setting off on the trip. Group travel may seem as though it’s a lot more complex or difficult to plan, but there are notable benefits to having a larger number of people on board. In fact, when there are multiple people invested in the same trip, there are more people to handle all the details of booking, more people to look for travel deals and opportunities and more people to hand off tasks to split off the responsibility of planning an itinerary. Plus, many tours and excursions offer group discounts, so you may even be able to save some money as a group, too. 

  1. You Can Learn New Things

Though travel expands your worldview even if you’re flying solo, the added perspectives of people in your group can introduce you to new things, new ideas and new opportunities that you may not have discovered on your own. You may even have someone in your group who is more familiar with your destination and can show you around in a way that enables you to explore the area more fully. As well, group travel provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself and those you’re with. You can learn more about how you and others react under pressure, what sorts of activities you’re all interested in, who is a morning person or a night owl, who likes to plan and who doesn’t and what sorts of adventures everyone likes to have. 

  1. You Can Save Money

Though your flight ticket may not be eligible for a group discount, there are many other ways that group travel can help you see the world without breaking the bank. Rather than have each person secure their own accommodations at your destination, it is often a lot cheaper to book a house or a larger accommodation and split the total bill by the number of people who will be staying there. As well, when you all pile in a single, large car for a road trip, you can all contribute to the gas bill. At your destination, you can book packages that are priced for groups that include transportation, activities, tours, adventures and even meal packages offered at a reduced rate.

  1. You Won’t Be Alone

When you travel in a group, you’ll never be completely on your own. With every gallery you visit and every seat you take at a restaurant, there will always be someone nearby to share the experience with. Everyone in your group is there for the same reason, and that gives you the perfect jumping off point to start meaningful conversations and share new thoughts and ideas with one another. You can continue to bond with those who share your love for hiking or modern art and even make new friends with those in the group who also have the same interests. 

  1. You Can Still Do What You Want

Though you’re all on the trip together, there are still plenty of opportunities to do your own things and enjoy your vacation in the ways you want to. You can split off in a smaller group if not everyone in your party wants to do the same thing that day, or you can even hang back and enjoy some time to yourself at your hotel. The details of your trip may all be planned out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t venture off and see something else on your list, either by yourself, with another person or in a smaller group. 

  1. You Make Lifelong Friends

A group vacation involves a lot of time spent together–especially when you’re all sharing accommodations and eating meals together. All of that quality time is bound to create lasting connections that will stay with you for years to come. From sharing photos and memories online to reconnecting to plan your next group vacation together, the shared experience facilitates unique bonds and can result in friendships that will last the rest of your life.