7 Great Items For Outside Workouts

7 Great Items For Outside Workouts

7 Great Items For Outside Workouts

Exercise offers many health and emotional benefits for those who work out regularly. Spending time outdoors has been shown to increase health and wellness. An outdoor workout allows you to take advantage of both beneficial practices. Exercising outdoors does come with some unpredictability due to the elements and can be inconvenient for using certain types of equipment.  Here are seven high-quality items designed for outdoor fitness.

  1. Resistance Bands

A great way to strength train is to use resistance bands.  Bands offer an alternative to weight training and are highly portable so you can take them anywhere. Resistance bands are available in many options so you can customize your workout with a variety of choices. Many resistance bands are made out of weather-resistant material that is long-lasting. These characteristics make bands a good option to carry along for an outdoor workout.

  1. Moisture Wicking Clothing

One of the downsides of exercising outdoors is that it is not a temperature-controlled setting. You can get pretty sweaty in hot and humid weather. All the sweat can cause your clothing to become heavy and uncomfortable. You can also experience skin chafing due to excess dampness. Fortunately, there are various clothing articles available in moisture-wicking fabric. This fabric absorbs the sweat from your skin without getting weighed down. Not being dragged down by your clothing is important in a variety of activities, but particularly for runners. Many runners wear running hats to help block outside elements like rain or sun along with providing extra comfort.

  1. Water fillable weights

Another option for building muscle while in an outdoor setting is to use water fillable weights in your workout. The main advantage of this type of weight is that they can be carried anywhere empty and then filled when you need them. You can take a hike down to the river or beach and get your lifting in with these weights.

  1. Exercise Friendly Outerwear

Outdoor exercisers can experience extremely cold temperatures as well as hot conditions. Outerwear is very important for persons seeking workouts outside in colder temperatures. New fabrics and designs have found a way to make coats and jackets insulating without bulk and weight. Outerwear is also available that allows flexibility so that your movement is not restricted. You may also be seeking a windbreaker or other coat that protects from the elements including rain, sleet and snow. These pieces must be durable and warm without limiting movement or adding weight.

  1. Steel Wire Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a great outdoor exercise to build cardio fitness and endurance. High-quality Jump ropes are available in an enclosed steel wire. These jump ropes can go anywhere and are long-lasting. Other features of a good jump rope include comfortable handles and length adjustability. 

  1. Foldable Yoga Mat

If you want to do a workout that requires floor exercises, you will want a mat to protect you from the ground. A Yoga Mat is a versatile option that you can use for workouts as well as yoga and stretching. Yoga Mat offerings now include foldable versions made of high-quality materials that will stand up to any surface. If you can fold the mat, it becomes more portable and less bulky to carry to your workout destination.

  1. Sunglasses

Anyone spending time outside should invest in top-notch sunglasses. Many great options are available that cater to physically active persons. You can get glasses that are fog and slip-resistant. Any sunglasses should offer proper protection from UV rays.

Doing an outdoor workout can be an exhilarating experience and can offer a change of pace from routine gym workouts. Outside exercise is not without its pitfalls. You have to account for the weather and terrain. The equipment available to use in the outdoors can also be limited. Luckily there are many portable options for exercise use, as well as clothing and other gear, to make your outside workout a joy.