5 Common Assignment Writing Challenges and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Assignment Writing Challenges and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Assignment Writing Challenges and How to Avoid Them

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When it comes to writing, students usually face different types of challenges. It can be anything from starting the writing process, formulating ideas in their head, writing down everything correctly, or even structuring paragraphs and sections. They can’t seem to complete their assignments and eventually look to get academic help for better results.

However, there are some assignment-related challenges that students might not know about or think about beforehand. This article will discuss common assignment writing challenges, along with ways on how to overcome them before they become obstacles for the entire assignment's completion.

1) Writing an essay without having enough time left

Many students suffer from this challenge due to poor planning and need a dissertation-service.com. They don't know when exactly all this work needs to be done so they just do it bit by bit whenever they have free time instead of using all their spare time to finish it in one go. 

This way, when an essay or a paper is due the next day, they end up having to stay awake for the entire night until it is finally finished. They wonder why this happens and why they procrastinate so hard whenever they have a big upcoming assignment that requires a lot of time and work.

How to fix it?

This problem can be avoided by making a simple but effective deadline schedule. This should include all assignments you have at school but also other important tasks such as going out with friends on Saturday, going grocery shopping every Wednesday afternoon, etc. 

The schedule should start from today and continue until a certain date, usually two months later, when everything would feel comfortable enough so you could relax again without feeling rushed at all times.

The schedule should also include all the tasks you have to do for each assignment - finish reading a book by Friday, write an essay about it on Sunday, etc. 

This way, even if your homework is due tomorrow but you have three days before it's due, you can still completely focus on studying without procrastinating at first because you know that after finishing this first task there are two days left where you could relax again.

2) Having too many other things to do that affect your writing process

When students feel like there are other things they need to do besides their assignments - go out with friends, watch TV series or movies, hang out with family members, etc. - they always end up choosing the latter one instead of doing the work they are supposed to. 

However, this is not much different from the first problem because students end up rushing themselves even more when trying to do all these tasks at once.

How to fix it?

The best way to deal with this challenge is by keeping your schedule clean and without too many other things you want to do besides studying (or doing homework). 

If you simply plan your days so that there is always enough time for everything, then there wouldn't be any problems anymore. You could go out on Saturday morning, watch an episode of your favorite TV serial in the afternoon, and study during the evening without feeling like something important was missing. 

This way it's easier for students to keep their focus only on writing which will guarantee an effective paper or essay written without stress.

3) Defining a topic or an argument you want to express

The hardest thing for many students is writing about a topic they don't know much about. Even if they do care about that particular subject and agree with the topic, it doesn't mean that they can easily convincingly explain their point of view. 

This needs time and practice to be perfected since nobody just suddenly becomes good at something without any prior knowledge and experience. 

How to fix it?

There are different ways on how to define your paper's topic:

  1. a) If you have no idea what you want to write or talk about, then try searching for some kind of essay examples. Many websites offer guides and samples you can use for free so that you can see what an argumentative or a descriptive essay is supposed to look like.
  2. b) You could also read some articles related to your subject and try following their structure. There are many formats for different assignments but most of them consist of the introduction, the main part where you explain your point of view, and then the conclusion that sums up everything said before.
  3. c) You could ask someone close to help you decide on that matter. If they are passionate about something like history, biology, etc. - chances are they already know how to talk about it especially if they're taking classes dedicated to it. 

All you have to do is pay attention during conversations so that when asked for advice you would be able to offer something valuable even if it's just an opinion.

4) The amount of information you have to read before being able to start writing

School is all about reading. Students are required to read books, journals, newspapers, etc. - depending on the study program - so that they could become familiar with certain topics and be aware of what's going on in our world today.

This way, when they assign you a paper topic about something completely different from your comfort zone, there wouldn't be any problems anymore because you would already know how to write an argumentative essay or describe something properly because you studied it for two years or more.

However, even if students spend enough time studying subjects related to their future papers, there still might be an issue when it comes to reading all the information you need before being able to start writing.

How to fix it?

There are some solutions for this problem: If you're not interested in the subject matter of your assignment, then try asking someone close if they can take notes or highlight important passages for you. Sometimes even just having that task taken off your plate is enough motivation to get started and complete your paper.

Other students prefer using additional software like EndNote which helps organize everything and make research more efficient since work doesn't get lost anymore due to having too many papers at hand. 

5) Identifying sources 

If there's one thing almost every student hates about their homework assignments, then it has to be finding sources that support their ideas. Before they became students, it never even crossed their minds that when writing an essay or a thesis, you need to use reliable sources of information or else, in most cases, your paper gets rejected because it doesn't meet required standards and quality is below college level.

How to fix it?

Well, to look for a source, you need an assignment topic in mind so there's no point in looking for anything if you don't know what exactly your teacher wants from you. 

Asking them directly is one way of finding this out but there are other alternatives as well. The internet has many resources where you can find lists, examples, or templates for different kinds of papers depending on what subject matter you're interested in.