3 Best Online Dating Sites to Find Foreign Singles

3 Best Online Dating Sites to Find Foreign Singles

3 Best Online Dating Sites to Find Foreign Singles

The need for companionship has constantly pushed men to use almost every available means to get a soulmate. Firstly, people would go out to pubs, diners, malls, cinemas, and other outdoor spaces in the hopes of meeting a single woman. Then, the pandemic came along in 2020. It was a challenging period, and many people grew lonely as they had nobody to join their company.

That’s why almost everyone resorted to online dating, and the industry saw a massive increase in revenue. With a desire to get their share of the money in the industry, people launched dating platforms. Many of those platforms aren't legit, and it would take a keen and expert eye to spot the fake ones.

At the moment, there are many online dating spots to choose from, and in this article, we will help you find the best dating sites. So keep reading to find out everything about each.

3 Best Online Dating Sites

Some of the most popular regions to find foreign singles are Asia, Europe, and Russia. Women from these areas are beautiful, intelligent, and humble. They know when to be ambitious and when to relax and accept love. You will find many dating platforms that promote these women to you, but a lot of them aren't reliable. So, let us discuss the recommended platforms for you to get in-depth knowledge about them.


AsiaMe is a mobile app run by Qpid networks. It's among the most popular dating sites for singles who want to meet their Asian match. But despite being among the best Asian dating sites, AsiaMe doesn't have a premium membership option because it runs on a credit system. The pricing starts at $3.99, or 2 credits.

For this price, you get some unique innovations like a video show feature. This option allows ladies to record video introductions for men who are interested in them to watch. This feature is better than the traditional written introductions as it adds a personal touch and lets you see the ladies before declaring your romantic interest.

There are also various communication channels on the platform, but each costs additional credits. There is the EMF Mail which ladies you speak to can contact you on. You also have Admirers Mail which collects messages from people who are interested in knowing you. Though the site can be buggy and take time to load, rest assured that it is reliable. Asian brides using this dating service are typically highly receptive, so your chances of finding a partner are high on this site.

Meet European Beauty

Meet European Beauty ranks among the top dating websites for finding European women. Like AsiaMe, it is also hosted by Qpid networks. However, this platform is even more fun because you can meet people for casual sex, friendship, dating, and marriage. It even lets you choose the kind of women you prefer based on their physical attributes and shapes.

Registration on Meet European Beauty is straightforward as all you need to indicate is your name, proof of age, purpose, and a picture. The network double checks and confirms your data to ensure people don’t create fake or duplicate profiles. This extra step is welcome because it shows that the site is dedicated to the safety of its users. 

Kiss Russian Beauty

Whenever people hear of Russians, they tend to think of mafia gangs and hackers, which is, in fact, a stereotype. Slavic women are disciplined, so it would be almost impossible to end up with an unfaithful woman from that region. 

It is common to find Russian dating sites on the internet. However, the most trustworthy platform you can use to find single Russian ladies is Kiss Russian Beauty. On average, the site receives 24,000 monthly visits with about 2,600 girls online. The age range of girls on the platform is between 25-35 years old, and they are highly responsive.

The customer support on Kiss Russian Beauty is professional and works 24/7. The customer care members are patient and answer every question that users ask. Registration costs $3.99 and you can make payments through Credit Card or PayPal.

When you register on Kiss Russian Beauty, you get access to the profiles of available singles on the platform. It is one of the best online dating sites because members' profiles are detailed. The profile templates reduce your chance of meeting the wrong people since the basic things you should know about a lady will be on her profile. For example, you will see her height, weight, profession, her idea of an ideal partner and relationship.

Do Dating Sites Work?

Dating in the digital age tends to cause anxiety. You probably have friends or family members who have told you about their negative experiences on dating platforms, which made you wary of them. But as much as online dating can trigger many bad experiences, it's wrong to believe that you can't find true love from your digital device.

Here's some research to prove that online dating works:

According to a study by Pew Research center, in October 2019, 30% of Americans have used online dating sites compared to 11% in 2013. Of all users, 12% have either gotten married or been in a committed relationship with someone they met online. Meanwhile, in 2013, only 3% had ever gotten married or had relationships with someone they met online.

According to the study, about 60% of participants have had positive experiences with online dating platforms. So it's possible to meet women online and find your soulmate because you can find out crucial information about people from their profiles before sending a message. Plus, if things go south, you don't have to face the person to end things; you can move on with someone else.

How To Choose Best Dating Sites

When it comes to choosing a suitable dating platform, different aspects come to play. You have to consider factors like:


Ensure that the dating platform fits your budget. There are high-end platforms and some surprisingly cheap online dating websites. Before opting for any, check the pricing and the features and compare them with your needs, as some sites have gimmicky features that have no purpose.


Reviews are critical because they portray the experiences of people who use the site. If a site has more negative than positive reviews, you should avoid it. You are better off being safe than sorry in online dating, especially if you have to pay for it.

User Interface

The user interface of the platform you use is essential because it can decide if you will find a partner or not. If you don't know how to use a site, you will waste time understanding the platform. Eventually, the frustration will force you to abandon the site.

Benefits of Using Online Dating Sites

There are lots of dating platforms, but you can weed out the shady ones with a bit of research. Of course, online dating has its pros to consider too. Using dating platforms allows you to:

  1. Meet as many people as possible
  2. Leave toxic relationships without creating a scene
  3. Interact with beautiful women and have fun
  4. Save money on dates if you are on a budget

While online dating sites are generally safe, don't hesitate to leave any that makes you uncomfortable. Finally, remember that you don't owe anyone in terms of financial spending when using a dating platform unless the payment date arrives.


Online dating is an effective way to meet foreign singles like yourself, especially if you have tried unsuccessful physical dates before. On online dating sites, you can meet many people at once from different parts of the world. However, to have a great experience with online dating sites, you need to know the most reliable ones, choosing which won’t be a problem based on the information in this guide.


How to find someone on dating sites?

To find a person you can relate to, you should opt for an effective dating platform and create a detailed profile. The site will suggest women who have similar interests with you. Afterward, study the profiles of ladies that interest you and send them messages. 

How to write a good dating profile?

Be honest. There's no need to try to falsely impress anybody since you are looking for a committed relationship. So, be realistic when answering each question and focus on your strengths. 

Is it possible to meet women online?

Yes, because there are tons of single women who register on various dating platforms. Most of them are receptive and also down for committed, long-term relationships.

How to start a conversation on a dating app?

Be creative; never say "Hi" and expect a response. Go through the profile of the person you want to text and start a conversation based on the information mentioned in her profile. You can also start by introducing yourself, but remember that you are not entitled to responses, so don't flip out if a lady takes too long to reply.