2022 Piercing Trends to Look Forward To

2022 Piercing Trends to Look Forward To

2022 Piercing Trends to Look Forward To

Humans have been putting things in their ears and faces ever since we created civilization. As far back as 2500 BCE, you can find evidence of women wearing earrings.

Whether these jewelry pieces had ceremonial significance or were worn for fashion is not as well-known. However, whatever their purpose may have been then, there's no point in getting caught in the ancient past now. Instead, let's look to the future and keep an eye on these red hot piercing trends slated to make it big going into next year.

Don't Hiss at the Snake Bite

For once, we're not referring to one of the most popular types of lip piercing. That variant takes its name from the appearance of snake fangs that it can give the wearer. The snakebite piercing that's dominating trends going into next year refers to two piercing holes stacked on top of one another.

Did your first piercing go lower or higher than you intended? The snakebite piercing can make it look like it was intentional this whole time, as well as free up some vertical space for other awesome ear piercing trends.

Constellation Piercings Are In the Stars

Do you like space? Are you the world's biggest astrology fan, or someone who needs their star sign on everything that they own? If so, then you'll love the constellation piercing trends coming up for next year.

As one might expect, the constellation piercing gets its name because it resembles a group of stars when all the holes are filled. This type of look works best with simple studs, though you might get away with hoops or something more extravagant on some of the lower holes.

Stacking Up the Stacked Lobe

The stacked lobe is coming in hot for the upcoming year. While it bears some similarities to the snakebite piercing, the two holes in the lobe are closer together than in a snakebite. Usually, piercings in a stacked lobe are symmetrical, which can make for a great subtle look.

The ability to use this piercing in subtle ways makes it an exceptional choice for the working professional. Try getting onto us for wearing earrings that aren't to the company dress code now, Brenda from HR!

Pretty in Pearls

Pearls occupy a weird space in our cultural memory and fashion. While it's definitively uncool for someone to see you "clutching your pearls" in a literal or metaphorical sense, they nevertheless add a touch of timeless class to any outfit.

The reason why? These gems of the sea are associated with wealth, opulence, dignity, and femininity. You can wear them to your grandmother's Sunday brunch or out clubbing. The ever-changing tides of fashion have pushed pearls back to the forefront, so now's the perfect time to bust out those heirloom pieces.

Mixing and Matching

There's one thing that all realms of fashion, design, and art have in common after 2020. We are so done with samey looks. Minimalism, basic color palettes, and unassuming accessories can go. Maximalism, attention-grabbing pieces, and personalized looks are what we want.

Can you only find one piece of your favorite set of earrings? Don't panic. Find something that complements the style and wear the mismatched earrings with pride. Mix metals, experiment with bold colors in one ear, swap styles from ear to ear. The most important thing is to have fun with your look as we look towards 2022.

Tasteful Asymmetry

On a similar note, one of the biggest piercing trends we're digging into 2022 is asymmetry. "But wait," you may ask, "didn't you already talk about mixing and matching?" Yes, but asymmetry is not quite the same as mix-and-match.

Where mix-and-match refers to swapping the styles of earring from one ear to the next, asymmetry refers to the number of piercing holes. They don't have to be exactly the same.

Do you have an easier time handling piercings on one ear compared to another? Get the constellation piercing on that ear, and keep things simple on the other.

Did you go for a cartilage piercing that one time, and it hurt too much to try again? No worries. The asymmetrical trend can save you from further pain.

Chilling Out With a Daith

Have you ever heard of a piercing that can chill you out? While the science behind the daith piercing has not yet been studied, many anecdotal accounts claim that this piercing on the smallest cartilage in your ear can help reduce migraines and anxiety. We don't know about you, but after the last couple of years, we could all use a fashionable chill pill.

Be warned, however, that daith piercings are hard to clean and run high risks of infection. Make sure to follow all proper aftercare procedures given by your piercer.

Don't Turn Your Nose Up at the Nose Ring

The nose ring is one of those facial piercing types that goes in and out of fashion. One year, everyone's sporting a ring or two on their nostril or septum. The next year, those same people have in spacers and decry getting any of those piercings.

Nose rings, and especially a septum piercing, have come surging into the spotlight. If you're on the fence about getting one, chat with a local piercer or tattoo artist to get a better idea about what to expect with aftercare.

Raise Some Eyebrows With an Eyebrow Piercing

Another of the most common facial piercing types, the eyebrow piercing, can serve as a trendy companion to your ear piercings. Or, if you're brave/patient enough, an extension of them. If you're so inclined and willing to pay for multiple sessions, you could make the constellation trend extend across your eyebrows.

However, as with septum piercings, you should expect a lengthy period of aftercare. This healing period can last anywhere between two to three months at a minimum.

Private Piercing Trends

Maybe it's something to do with being out of public sight for longer than normal, but there's been a massive uptick in body piercing this past year. More and more people are making the leap into nipple and other piercings.

It's easy to see why people might enjoy having piercings in more intimate areas. They can be a fun surprise for romantic partners or just a little rebellious secret you keep to yourself, hidden beneath your clothes. (Very well-hidden, if you work in a conservative work environment.) Don't let fear of judgment stop you from hopping on this piercing trend.

We're Getting Chunky

Alright, we've talked about body piercing enough. It's time to circle back to what's new and next in ear piercing trends. Remember when everyone was wearing slim, delicate pieces or subtle studs? Forget all of that. We want our earrings big, loud, and chunky.

Not dangly, not jingly. We already did chandelier earrings.

Chunky. We're talking your average hoop earring multiplied by five thick. If those earrings don't have substance, they can get lost.

Charmed, I'm Sure

Capitalizing on the chunky, almost campy trends for next year, we have charms making a resurgence. Do you miss the look of your childhood charm bracelet? If so, then it's time to welcome those big, personalized charms to your earlobes. This can serve the dual purpose of fulfilling the chunky and personalization trends we have coming.

Make a Bold Statement

What's one theme all of these piercing trends have in common? They aren't afraid to say something. They have a message, and they're willing to send it loud and proud.

You see it in the asymmetrical, mixy trends. You also see it in the colors used and earrings that look more like miniature pieces of sculptural art. We want our jewelry to put who we are on a loudspeaker this year, and we're using our ears to do it to make sure you're listening.

So, What's to Come for Hot Piercing Trends?

So, what can we expect for piercing trends in the next year? In a few words: big, bold, colorful, mixy, chunky, and above all else, unique. We're done with our ears looking the same as everyone else's, and think it's high time everyone turned their ears into an extension of their body canvas.

Are you curious about what other piercings might be in next year? Do you need some aftercare tips after getting one of these amazingly trendy piercings for yourself?

If so, then why not check out our blog? We update each day with loads of helpful fashion articles like this one.