10 Things You Will Learn from Dating a Mexican

10 Things You Will Learn from Dating a Mexican

10 Things You Will Learn from Dating a Mexican

Congratulations! You landed your very own Mexican prince or princess charming. 

They are pretty awesome, right? I mean, what’s not to love about their drop-dead gorgeous looks and infectious personalities? 

Well, what you’ve seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more for you to discover about your Mexican bae!

Here are the ten things you will inevitably learn from your relationship with your Mexican guy.

  • Soccer is pretty awesome

Soccer is to Mexico what basketball and football are to North America. It is one of those things that bring entire communities together, whether it is street games, local matches, or international fixes. 

What is interesting is that both men and women are equally enthusiastic. 

So, if you find your partner watching soccer, do not try to distract them. Just sit and join in on the fun. You will most likely love it too!

  • They speak a lot of languages

Contrary to popular opinion, many Mexicans speak more than just Spanish. The national government recognizes up to 68 national languages, 63 of which are ethnic dialects. 

Don’t be surprised if the little Spanish you picked up in preparation doesn’t always cut it, especially in more rural parts of the country. 

  • Family is everything

Whether rural, urban, traditional, or modernized, families in Mexico tend to be very tight. If you date someone from here, you are automatically considered a part of the family. 

That means getting invited to family occasions as early as the first few dates and having individual family members seek out independent friendships with you. It’s really fun and endearing!

  • There is a lot of aesthetic diversity

When most of us think Mexican, we picture dark features and a lean build. However, you will learn pretty quickly from dating one that there is so much variety from curly-haired blondes and straight brunettes to blue eyes and curvier features. 

However, no matter the combination of features, these men and women have incredible genes. 

  • They are not all feisty or aggressive

There is a stereotype that has been around forever that Mexicans have a very short temper. Whether it is a sassy female or an aggressive macho man, both Mexican men and women are seen as highly temperamental. 

Prepare to get schooled when dating a Mexican man with the first lesson: they are usually quite calm!

More often than not, they have a laid back personality and get along with everyone. However, in extreme situations, you might see the feistier sides. It is just not their default state. 

  • The music scene is pretty eclectic

Music is a big part of the culture in Mexico. Unlike many other countries in the world, there is very little western influence on the sound. From mariachi to Banda, you will be treated to a whole new world of music. 

The best part is that Mexican men and women are pretty awesome dancers and even better teachers. So, if you have two left feet, don’t shy away from the dancefloor. Just let your beau take the lead, and you will have the time of your life!

  • Mexican restaurants back home have been doing it wrong

It doesn’t matter how amazing and authentic you think that local Mexican joint back home is. Absolutely nothing compares to homemade Mexican food prepared in the motherland. 

The combination of fresh ingredients and authentic recipes means that you are in for a treat. 

  • You can handle more spice than you thought

Speaking of food, you may learn that your threshold for spice is higher than you thought. 

Mexicans love nights in with homemade food as dates. And they love their spices more than anything when it comes to such dates. 

You might complain a little at first, but with how tasty the food is, you will inevitably develop a taste for spice.  

  • The party never ends in Mexico 

Mexicans love to have a good time, whether it is a beach party or a night of clubbing in the electric cities and towns. If this is not your scene, you will have to step out of your comfort zone to keep up with your Mexican lover. 

  • Mexico is a beautiful place

If you are fortunate enough to visit your partner in their home country, you will discover the real beauty of the paradise that is Mexico. 

Due to its complicated history and often corrupt politics, Mexico gets a bad rep. However, there is a lot of beauty from the gorgeous beaches to the quaint rural towns. 

And there is truly no better way to experience all this wonder than through the eyes of your beloved.