What you need to know before getting cosmetic surgery

What you need to know before getting cosmetic surgery

What you need to know before getting cosmetic surgery

All surgery, including cosmetic surgery, comes with a potential risk of complications. Whether you’re considering breast augmentation or booking a liposuction procedure, you will be going under the knife and you must fully understand the potential risks and the procedure before you go ahead. Here are the main things you should consider before pursuing cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Your overall health

Good candidates for surgery are physically healthy and at a stable weight. You must have realistic expectations but also be certain about what you want to achieve. A good surgeon will not go ahead with the procedure or let you pay for breast implants unless they are confident it is definitely what you want. You will also be required to stop smoking. If you are planning on getting pregnant or losing a significant amount of weight, then you should consider postponing your surgery until you have done so.

Your mindset

The right mindset is essential to a successful cosmetic procedure. Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice rather than something required for the good of your physical health, it is intended to make you feel better about yourself. It can improve your quality of life and boost your confidence, but a lot of thought should be put into making the final decision. There are risks involved, recovery can take a long time, and sometimes you may need to undergo multiple procedures to get the desired results. Cosmetic surgery is not a miracle worker - it will change your appearance, but it cannot solve all your problems.

The recovery process

You will need to take time off work and there will be some serious restrictions on what you will be able to do for a while afterwards. The recovery period varies depending on the kind of procedure you have, how long the surgery takes and the type of anaesthesia that is used. Your desired results may require multiple surgeries which mean multiple recovery periods. You should always follow the post-op instructions to the letter to ensure a smooth recovery, ensure the best results and reduce the chance of any complications. 

Depending on the type of surgery you may not be able to lift or strain for a few weeks, so it is important to have someone available to help you with your daily activities such as cleaning, driving, caring for children, or carrying your shopping. Some procedures may require 6 months to a year to fully appreciate the results and, if you are not willing to put the time in and be patient then perhaps it is not the right choice for you.

The overall cost

Cosmetic surgery is not covered on the NHS unless the procedure is necessary for your physical health (for example a deviated septum that is impairing your ability to breathe) but there may be financing options available to you. Take everything into account, not just the initial cost. Take into account how much time of work you will need, any travel costs as well as the help you may need during your recovery.