Waxing vs. Laser Treatment – Which Is the More Effective Hair Removal Solution?

Waxing vs. Laser Treatment – Which Is the More Effective Hair Removal Solution?

Waxing vs. Laser Treatment – Which Is the More Effective Hair Removal Solution?

There is nothing wrong with having a hairy body, but some people just do not want that, and that is completely fine. The presence of unwanted body hair can make one feel very uncomfortable, especially when they are going out to the beach or for a swim. The thought of people noticing the presence of body hair on you can be quite nerve-wracking. Hence, many people opt for various skin hair removal treatments to get rid of unwanted hair. 

Two of the most common methods to deal with unwanted body hair are waxing, and laser treatment. Both these treatment methods have their pros and cons. So come swimsuit season, which one will you opt for to get rid of your body hair? Let us help you decide.

How Do They Work?

For waxing, hot or cold wax is applied to the treatment area, allowed to sit for a while, and then stripped off with great force. The hairs stick to the wax strips as you pull on them. That way, you can remove the hair from the root.

Laser hair removal uses high-end machines and software. These clinics use lasers of varying wavelengths to deal with various types of body hair. Lasers are then used in the treatment area to destroy hair follicles. That not only removes hair but eventually slows down further hair growth.  

With laser treatment, you need to be very choosy. Go for clinics that use state-of-the-art machinery, like those by Lumenis, for laser treatment. Lumenis is a leading name in the technology sector when it comes to medical and aesthetics. 

The hair removal solutions by Lumenis are some of the best systems in the industry right now. When a clinic uses these systems for their laser hair removal treatment, you will know that you are in safe hands. 

Which One is Less Painful?

Waxing is one of the most painful hair removal procedures you can opt for. The pain, although momentary, can cause some serious irritation. At times, it might even lead to long-lasting burns if your skin is too light or loose. In such circumstances, you might need to seek medical attention and receive treatment for those burns.

Laser treatment is a comparatively painless experience. While you will feel slight irritations and discomfort during the procedure, it will not be as painful as waxing. At best, you will feel as if someone were trying to tickle or scratch your skin. Other than that, it is mostly painless.

Which One is Long-Lasting?

Waxing is what you can call a pure hair removal technique. That means when you are waxing your body, you are simply removing the hair from the root. Eventually, the hair you remove will grow back again in a few weeks. 

With lasers, however, you are not just removing the hair, but also stopping it from growing quickly again. The lasers will damage hair follicles, such that it slows down hair growth. Thus, laser treatment provides a more long-term solution to your unwanted hair problems. 

However, to ensure such long-term results, you have to attend multiple sessions. Usually, laser hair removal treatments require 6 to 8 sessions spanning over 6 weeks. You will get the expected long-lasting results only if you complete all or most of those sessions.

Which One is Cost-Effective?

A full body laser hair removal treatment can cost you upwards of $1,000. The arms and legs will cost around $300 (each pair). The back will cost you something around $400. Parts of your face, like the lips and chin, can cost $150 each. The average cost, therefore, is likely to cross the thousand dollar mark.

In comparison, waxing is a lot cheaper and more cost-effective. On average, waxing your arms will cost you $35, armpits $20, full legs $65, back $50, chest $50, and chin $15. So for waxing your full body, you can expect to spend a minimum of $150, and a maximum of $300. Thus, waxing is the way to go if you are looking to spend less on body hair removal. Check out these professional laser hair removal devices.

Final Verdict

Laser treatment is without a doubt the far better solution for hair removal. It is more effective, provides long-lasting results, and is also less painful. However, in terms of cost-saving, waxing would be the better option, simply because it is a lot cheaper (almost 3 times cheaper) than laser treatment.