Useful Tricks On How To Use Your Space More Efficiently

Useful Tricks On How To Use Your Space More Efficiently

Useful Tricks On How To Use Your Space More Efficiently

There's nothing worse than being cramped up and living in small, enclosed conditions. It can feel claustrophobic, and if the place is untidy it can seem even worse. Sadly, not everyone can afford to move to a bigger house or extend their current home.

If you are experiencing this problem and are looking for some solutions, read on. This article will furnish you with some useful tricks designed to help you make the most of your available space.

Add A Room Divider

Incorporating a partition in your home is an easy way to add more space without spending too much money. It can divide rooms or open areas, making them look bigger whilst also providing you with some extra privacy. In addition, partitioning off parts of the house allows you to create spaces that serve different purposes (e.g. a home office in the bedroom, a dining area in the kitchen or a work area in the garage).

Around two-thirds of Australians own their home and the population is around 26 million. If you think of Portable Partitions Australia there are companies that provide privacy screens, room dividers and operable walls. These products can accommodate future space needs with no extra investment, as well as being safe and flexible to use.

Upgrade Your Storage

Whilst you may not be able to increase your home space you can maximize it. Use shelves in the corners of rooms for storage or where there is unused wall space. The area under the stairs is usually wasted but you could install shelves to store shoes and boots there. Hooks can be installed on the wall to hold tools, bikes, and coats, etc. Once again, they can provide an instant solution with minimal time and effort.

Plastic containers are very useful as well because they maximize storage whilst looking neat and tidy. They can come in handy for storing away smaller items so they are kept safe from harm and easy to access. Many tubs are designed to be stacked, which also makes the most of the room available.

Maximize Your Garden Or Backyard

If this area is untidy and messy, no one will want to be out there, even during the nice weather. What you want is your family and friends to spill over into the garden, reducing the number of people indoors. People love spending time outdoors and you can create a personalized oasis with some easy tricks to maximize your garden or backyard for all seasons of the year.

Using an outdoor rug on grass prevents any mud from getting tracked into the house while adding another layer of warmth underfoot on cold days. It also creates a visual contrast that accentuates the landscaping features. An outdoor play area is a great way to keep children safe outdoors, as well as provide hours of fun. A patio is a great living space for any outdoor oasis. It can be used as a sitting area, eating area, or even an outdoor barbeque area. Patios are also the perfect place to store outdoor furniture and pool equipment all year round as well.

Create The Impression Of Space

One of the easiest ways to make your small space look larger is by making it white. If you can get away with using this as the main wall color (paint or paper), go for it. By adding some white accents (e.g. white furniture and rugs) you can also help create the impression of space.

You might also try pastel colors because they tend to recede from view more than bolder hues, helping create an optical illusion that makes spaces appear roomy. Mirrors are great because not only do they provide light, but another reflection will help give the appearance of more open space.


Free up some space in your home, garden, or backyard and feel better by removing the unwanted clutter. For example, instead of leaving your winter clothes in the hall closet for months on end during summertime, move them into a storage box where you can access them quickly when it's cold again outside. Reduce paper clutter by creating folders for storage so you can file away papers as soon as they come into the house. This will help keep everything nice and organized so you know where to find things quickly. Check your drawers for old tech stuff that you no longer use. You can sell an iPad for cash if you no longer use it.

Hopefully, you now feel more hopeful that you can free up some space in your home. Whether it's a small practical step or something more expensive, the results will be well worth the investment, and everyone will appreciate it.