Top 5 styles that will enrich your personality

Top 5 styles that will enrich your personality

Top 5 styles that will enrich your personality


“Personality is only ripe when a man has made the truth his own.” – Soren Kierkegaard. Until quite recently, personality was thought to be irreversible. In 1890, William James, a renowned Harvard psychologist in his book “The Principles of Psychology,” discussed that personality was “set in plaster by early adulthood.” Yet, recent views disagree with this idea, showing personality to be more fluid.

What is personality?


The personality is the distinctive pattern of thought, emotion, and action that defines an individual. When someone has a “good personality,” they can be personable, intriguing, and enjoyable. Everyone desires to be pleasing to others. To that end, having a strong personality is critical. Ultimately, more than physical attractiveness.

If people like you, they will say you have a pleasant personality. Everyone wants to be likable. And this desire is not restricted to physical appearance. Your personality is who you are; it encompasses your feelings, thoughts, and actions. You should grow and develop your individuality. But not only in favor of others, do it for your benefit. Besides, self-care and self-love are critical components in developing a strong personality.

More on Personality

The options for honing your talents and developing your character are limitless. If you make effective use of available resources, you may get new skills and strengthen existing ones. Personality development may have a significant beneficial impact on your life and job.

According to Prosperity Miracles, you can decide to make a change with positive energy.  There was a conviction that nature is immutable and may be challenging to alter. The personality is a distinct pattern of actions and thought processes. Thus, with exceptional effort, you can change your behaviors and thought patterns. Here are some strategies that could help develop a more assertive personality.

1. Improve Your Listening Ability


If you are an attentive listener, you may get a great deal of knowledge from your surroundings. Being a good listener is valuable. When you listen to others, you accord them significance. Additionally, they will pay more attention to you and become more interactive. It enables individuals to be more forthcoming with you. Also, if someone listens to you, you will feel significant.

By being a good listener, you convey the same sentiment to others. Make an effort to establish this characteristic in your personality. When you are knowledgeable about your hobbies and are well-versed in them, you will feel more confident discussing them. Possessing more information enables you to offer more to the discourse. In addition, if you want people to listen to you, you must be an outstanding speaker. It is impossible to know everything. Yet, if you have excellent conversation skills. You will be able to share your knowledge and benefit from the experiences of others.

2. Extending Your Field of Interest


Developing your passions is always beneficial for mental health. It will keep the mind sharp and will aid in the development of new hobbies. Additionally, it will increase your attractiveness since you will constantly have something fresh to offer and discuss. It instills confidence and allows you to discuss your views with those who share your interests. You must be innovative and think creatively. Literary or physical interests are acceptable. You may join reading groups or try your hand at artistic endeavors like paracord crafts.

3. Developing New Relationships and Strengthening Interpersonal Skills


Make an effort to meet new individuals and make new friends. Engaging with others gives valuable experience. You may learn a great deal from various individuals. Meeting unique individuals broadens your horizons by exposing you to other cultures, ideas, and perspectives. Meeting new individuals increases your tolerance towards others. It has the potential to enlarge your views. Again, interpersonal skills are critical for success in life. These abilities are necessary for everyday communication and interaction. They are essential not for individual interactions only but also group interactions. Therefore, you may consider focusing on improving your interpersonal communication abilities. It is necessary not only in professional life but also in personal lives. These abilities include listening, relationship building, and persuasion.

4. Developing Leadership and Public Speaking Capabilities


Although you may have heard the adage “leaders are born,” this is not correct. If you want to succeed as a professional, you must try to build and polish your leadership abilities. People are always peeking for methods to improve them since they involve interacting with and encouraging others. Therefore, if you want to ensure that you convey your message, you must have strong presenting abilities.

These abilities are necessary for practically every profession. To make the most use of your presenting talents, you must have vital skills such as speaking and imagination. Also, individuals with positive personalities are likable. Nobody will ever learn about you if you are unable to speak with them. Our true selves are concealed behind our tongue. People judge you based on communication. You must hone your social skills to develop positive relationships with others around you. Make good gestures, connect with everyone, and avoid giving off a bad attitude at all times.

5. Respect for Others


Make it a priority to keep commitments made to others. Honesty and honesty are necessary characteristics of a successful and cheerful personality. You can only get the respect and admiration of people if you reciprocate those emotions. If you have integrity and respect, your character will stand out throughout the crowd. Respect others and yourself to have a fulfilling life.

Furthermore, individuals with strong personalities do not allow others to enter their heads. So, they are never furious and always maintain their composure. This conveys the message that they are powerful and aware of it. People would believe you didn’t even find the other person deserving of your wrath. Yet, it is essential to note that it is not simple to maintain composure or avoid being uneasy in stressful circumstances.

It takes time, effort, and a willingness to be better.  But, you must have trust in yourself. Recognize that your power is already inside you; you need to discover it. Nobody can do anything to you unless you permit them. When you believe in yourself, others will quickly follow suit. A robust body does not define strength. But a strong mentality that has self-control can be a contributing factor.


Overall, building a good personality is not a herculean task. As long as you can devote your time and focus on the greater goal, you’d do great.