Top 10 aesthetically pleasing wall decorations you need this year

Top 10 aesthetically pleasing wall decorations you need this year

Top 10 aesthetically pleasing wall decorations you need this year

These 10 wall decorations will have your home looking better than ever 

There is nothing worse than a plain wall in a home. These walls end up looking sad and lonely - no one wants that in their home. Even minimalists hang decorations on their walls. 

However, choosing the right thing to hang on your wall is a struggle in itself.  You don't want to hang too much and make the wall look cluttered. So, you need one or two high quality statement pieces to steal the show. 

These 10 decorations will do just that: 

#1 - Framed souvenirs 

If you love traveling then you probably have at least a handful of souvenirs hanging around in your home. Why not frame the most intriguing ones and display them like they are a piece in a museum. 

They will make a great talking point and they will add a little bit of color to your walls. 

When you think about getting luxurious wall mirrors, you may imagine fancy frames and intricate designs. However, even a simple mirror with a minimalist frame can add elegance to your walls.

#2 - A designer clock 

In rooms like a kitchen or a hallway, you don't want to hang too many items. However, something pragmatic like a clock is always a good idea in these busy spaces. 

Don't just settle for a bog-standard or boring clock, choose a designer statement piece. They will bring a little bit of class to the room without being too expensive. Find the best wall clocks here. 

#3 - Wall Canvas

Consider investing in a large, eye-catching wall canvas that complements your interior decor. A well-chosen canvas can act as the focal point of a room, adding depth and personality. You can select a piece of art that resonates with your taste, whether it's a famous painting, an abstract composition, or a custom piece from a local artist. The canvas's colors and style should harmonize with the room's overall aesthetic, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Click here to get the most adorable wall canvas and transform your living space into a captivating gallery of your own personal style.

#4 - Floating bookshelves 

Floating bookshelves toe the line between being practical and aesthetically pleasing. They allow you to store 2-3 books in a way that makes it look like they're just floating next to the wall. 

Having a group of three floating bookshelves on a wall is a great way to add color and sophistication to a room. Especially if you carefully select the books you display. 

#5 - Mirrors 

This may sound overly simplistic, but trust us on this one. If you have a dark room then hanging a mirror or two on the wall is going to brighten the room up drastically. 

If you hang a mirror opposite a window or another source of light then it will bounce the light further around the room. You can add more light without having to rewire the room or pay to have an extra window added. 

#6 - A tapestry 

If you are looking to make a room feel softer then you should consider hanging a tapestry on one of your walls. These are relatively easy to find online and there is a huge range of interesting patterns out there. 

You can use nails or command hooks to hang these tapestries. 

#7 - Hanging plants 

Plants always improve a room, but if you are stuck for floor space why not hang them from your walls. You can buy hanging plant holders online but they are also really easy to make by hand. 

Spider plants, succulent plants, and cheese plants are all great options for hanging plants as they don't need much water and purify the air around them. 

#8 - A minimalistic noticeboard 

You have probably seen these on Pinterest and thought that they just can't be practical. Well, the trick is to treat these as decoration and not as a working noticeboard. 

You can use the noticeboard to keep your memories, your affirmations, or just pretty pictures on. It's up to you. Just don't let it get too cluttered. 

#9 -  A simple, 2d sculpture 

We see these all the time in trendy coffee shops now and we love them. A simple sculpture of an eye or deer made from copper wire looks absolutely stunning when hung on a white wall. 

You should also do the same but have it made out of neon lighting tubes instead. You could choose a picture or a set of words - whatever you think suits your home better. 

#10 - Maps of your favorite places 

We love wall displays that have a theme and our favorite theme is travel. We have already suggested hanging up some of your favorite souvenirs but you could take it further and add some maps of those places. These can show where you got the souvenirs, other places you have been, or places you want to go to. 

#11 - String lights 

String lights are a classic wall decoration, but they are now available in more forms than ever before. 

You can get waterfall style string lights, string lights with crystal caps, woodland themed string lights, and much more. There will be a style out there to suit the theme of your home.