Stylish Activewear: How to Make Your Athleisure Look Good

Stylish Activewear: How to Make Your Athleisure Look Good

Stylish Activewear: How to Make Your Athleisure Look Good

Are you someone who wants everyone to know that you care about fitness, but you also want to stay fashionable? Sure, you can wear your favorite sweats and comfy clothes while you're actively working out, but that's not what you want to wear in public, right?

With the help of Nexletica, you can still look stylish while you're maintaining your fitness vibes with stylish activewear, but styling it takes some trial and error. There's a fine line between relaxed and lazy when it comes to fashion.

We're here to guide you. Keep reading to learn how to style athleisure clothes so you can stay on-trend and comfortable.

Pair Your 'Fit With the Right Accessories

Many people forget that any good outfit needs the right accessories. Athleisure is no exception. 

While these clothes are sporty, they're still supposed to be well-formed outfits. You may be going from the gym to the bar in these clothes, so make it count. 

First, find the right activewear shoes. Many people love pairing their outfits with pristine white sneakers, Kappa slides, or slim sneakers that match the color of their clothing. 

Caps and beanies are great for accessorizing during all seasons. Even the right socks make a big difference. 

Keep It Cohesive

One of the easiest things that you can do to make your athletic clothing stylish is to make sure that you're curating a cohesive look (that still suits your personal style). 

When you're wearing standard gym clothes, it doesn't matter if you mix and match in ways that are, let's say, less than "put together." When you want to curate your athleisure, it's better to make it into a true ensemble. 

Start with a color scheme. Are you someone who loves all-black looks? You've got it easy. 

Pick all of your favorite black fitness clothing and mix and match to create monochrome outfits. Consider a pop of color for your shoes and accessories or keep it simple. 

Do you want something brighter? Many people love pastel colors for their athleisure looks. Pastel colors are easy to mix and match while still maintaining a cohesive appearance.

Neutrals are also perfect for athleisure. Army green, tan, brown, and beige can all combine for a great look. 

Pair Form and Function 

Athleisure clothes may be for fashion, but many people also like to wear their favorite pieces to the gym (or after the gym). Mix function with fashion for a successful look.

But what does this mean? 

Consider things that look good with "normal" outfits in public. Fitness tanks and long-line sports bras pair well with standard athleisure sweats, shorts, and baggy pants, even if you didn't wear those things to the gym. That means that you can slide on your pants when you leave and you're ready to hit the town.

Comfort is a key part of any athleisure look. 

Find Stylish Activewear for Your Athleisure Outfits

You don't have to be high-fashion when you're at the gym, but stylish activewear can help you show off your fitness fanaticism while you're out and about.

You can stay comfy and ready to work out with trendy athleisure outfits.

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