Shopping Tips: 4 Things To Know About Japanese Stitch Towels

Shopping Tips: 4 Things To Know About Japanese Stitch Towels


Japanese stitch towels, be it Stitch, Moonlight or Sashiko, are well known around the world as they come from one of the best towel production areas, i.e., Imabari. The warm climate, abundance of water, and easy availability of sarashi make Imabari the perfect place to produce ultra-absorbent and high-quality bath towels. 


Not so surprising, what type of towel you use has a direct impact on your skin. Numerous studies have shown that cotton towels are suitable for your body. And, luckily, Japanese stitch towels are made of 100% cotton. Thus, they are super smooth on the skin. 


Apart from this, there are numerous other things that you must know while shopping for stitch towels. So, let’s begin! 


  • They Are Breathable 

First of all, cotton is a very breathable material. That’s the reason why it is also recommended to wear cotton clothes on the hottest days. It allows the air to pass through and keep your body naturally cool. Moreover, it is also soft on the skin. Thus, reduces the chances of irritation, infection, and acne flare. 


  • They Are Fast Absorbent 

The best part about Japanese Cotton Bath Towels is that they are fast absorbent. In fact, better absorption is also somewhat related to quick-dry towels. It is especially good in the winter or rainy season as the weather is generally cloudy. 


Apart from this, all the towels are of high quality and sink in the bucket of water within 5 seconds, making them good for bathing. 


  • They Pass The Strict Quality Inspection Test 

There are numerous cotton towels, so what makes Japanese stitch towels different from others? Well, as mentioned above, they are produced in the Imabari region. The Imabari region has a strict quality inspection test that every batch must pass through before selling commercially. 


One test is the 5-second rule which we have already explained above. In addition to this, the water used in the production is soft water with little to no heavy metal. Bleaching with this water adds a natural touch to the product and ensures vibrant color, particularly blue and white. 


High-quality cotton towels ensure that your skin doesn’t feel sticky, especially after a heavy or intense workout or bath. 


  • Great For Sensitive Skin 

Last but not least, 100% cotton material is suitable for sensitive skin. It reduces the chance of irritation, red patches, or fungal infections caused by mixed or synthetic material. Moreover, as the water used in the production also contains minimal heavy material, these towels become even better for the skin. 


And, even if you wash them often, they will still feel soft on your skin and ensure that your skin is left dry. 


To Sum It All Up!

A good cotton towel ensures that your skin is dried completely yet remains soft. Unlike synthetic fiber, cotton is more absorbent and passes the quality inspection check to ensure that you are only using the best for your body. Plus, the design of stitching on the sides also makes the towel look luxurious, great to impress your guests.