SHEWIN Wholesale – Top Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for Women

SHEWIN Wholesale – Top Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for Women

SHEWIN Wholesale - Top Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for Women

We are living in the modern era, and there are too many businesses as well as individuals that function as trendy wholesale clothing suppliers. The demand for clothing in bulk has increased since customers started getting more budget-conscious. If you are an entrepreneurial individual, you should recognize that there are multiple wholesale clothing vendors. Moreover, intense competition among various brands has made it crucial to find only the best. You should look for the best wholesale clothing brand with a low-cost tag price and first-class quality. So you have to do homework before identifying the best clothing brand and supplier. Here are the top wholesale clothing suppliers for women that could serve you in the best possible way to meet your business requirements.

SHEWIN Wholesale:

SHEWIN Wholesale is a China-based wholesale company offering wholesale women's clothing and accessories at affordable prices for businesses. The company is providing discount offers on special events, and the customers will get coupon code redemption for different products. The tops, dresses, bottoms, and other clothing items are being managed by the company. Moreover, the businesses organizations have the opportunity to purchase in bulk and order custom clothing with packaging.


FashionTIY is a china based wholesale women’s clothing brand that is super affordable. They also have wholesale accessories, footwear, hair extensions, and other items to complete your look. Moreover, you can even venture into home goods with this brand. The busy entrepreneurs can order items on the go with their mobile apps.


FashionGo is an online B2B marketplace that connects retail buyers and wholesale clothing vendors from around the world. The wholesale clothing vendors can choose this store because it is the fastest-growing global e-commerce platform. Furthermore, it's the best solution to enhance the sales and expand the reach. FashionGo offers consumers all time access to so they can purchase the latest items at resonable prices.


The OrangeShine is a dedicated wholesale clothing line with good brand recognition. They have specially developed services for wholesale manufacturers. With the growing number of registered users, new purchasers can professionally avail custom services. The OrangeShine has everything to boost the online business with minimal cost and effort.


SeeBiz is a USA based wholesale marketplace and business networking platform which covers 10 major industries. Featuring over 650,000 products from 1000+ verified vendors, it offers a wide range of women's clothing as well. SeeBiz women clothing vendors provide high-quality, versatile, and latest clothes at affordable prices. Whether you are buying a dress for a wedding or swimsuit for a pool party, SeeBiz has it all.

Moreover it is the best free option if you are starting your wholesale women clothing business. It allows you to connect with other vendors, share updates, and stay up-to-date on the latest products and news.  Simply sign up at SeeBiz, upload your products, enter the price, and you are good to go.


StylePick is an online wholesale women's clothing marketplace that is dedicated to inspiring manufacturers and vendors through the combination of a user-friendly web interface and trendy style. It is a virtual fashion district that is established in Los Angeles. StylePick offers a mix of top and latest wholesale clothing from different vendors like Blue B, J.nna, Hers & Mine, spotlight, Davi & Dani, and many more. They have digitized buying and sales processes, and their system is beautifully aesthetic, easy to use, and innovative. Also, they provide the facility of the full-service custom website with payment processing, product uploading, storage, and domain.


Annabelle manufacturers sell trendy wholesale clothing at affordable prices. Their clothing line includes dresses, bottoms, standard tops, and rompers. Annabelle also provides private labeling options and wholesale plus-size women's clothing.


Handshake is a US-based wholesale brand that directly connects with manufacturers. Each maker has been handpicked and carefully vetted for customer service and quality goods. The handshake also provides access to tons of suppliers with minimum shipping fees.

Magnolia Fashion:

If you are looking for trendy wholesale clothing, and swimwear, you can check out Magnolia fashion. Magnolia only ships in packages, so you cannot order individual pieces. Most of the time, each pack offers the same three pieces. Before placing the order, you should register the fee. However, the shipping price does not have a fixed cost, and it depends upon the location. You can use the site to buy products in bulk.

Wholesale Central:

Wholesale Central is a site where you can get multiple wholesale clothing vendors from the USA. In addition, the website also provides closeout trade shows and sales. The website is a directory for wholesalers, and users can directly get the supplier website links. You can contact them and handle business terms directly with them. Wholesale central does not have any fees, and they earn from supplier marketing.


Chinabrands is one of the leading global drop shipping supplier/vendor websites, and they offer services in more than 200 countries. The website offers a comprehensive catalog, including clothes, shoes, bags, and swimwear, accessories, and jewelry products. You can find high-end products at wholesale prices. Every time you buy on the site, you will earn CB points as a reward, and you can utilize this money for your next time purchase. Chinabrands also have a professional team to select trendy items, and you can consider which one to sell. The customers can discuss directly with manufacturers about the shipments of the wholesale products.

Strategies to Find Quality Suppliers:

When it comes to choosing the best quality wholesale clothing vendors, there are some Dos and Don’ts that you should follow. Here are some suggestions that you can follow:

Quality Vs. Quantity:

Product quality is something that enhances the price and value for more profits. You should carefully consider the situation before buying clothing items.

Compare Prices:

If you are purchasing in bulk, it will often give you more profits from clothing products. You can enhance sales when you compare vendors' prices before selecting the best one.

Visit Trade Shows:

Clothing is an exciting field, and you can meet plenty of people to grow your business. When you attend trade shows, you will get more tips to increase brand value.

Test and Plan:

Every entrepreneur should have a list of products with a marketing plan and an estimated budget for promotion. The wholesale vendors that meet your criteria will be suitable for you.

Contact us at SHEWIN Wholesale:

The business organizations that are looking to pick up the bulk of clothing for the wholesale market can place an order on the website of SHEWIN wholesale. You can contact us by making a call to customer support. If you want to discover more about our company, click on our site and it will show you the details for clothes along with prices for individual and bulk purchases.