Real Estate Video Marketing Guide 2021

Real Estate Video Marketing Guide 2021

Real Estate Video Marketing Guide 2021

There has been a buzz about videos in Real Estate. Increasing numbers of realtors are using videos in their marketing approach. Marketing has undergone a significant shift because of videos. Videos may pack a lot of emotional and visual stimuli in a short amount of time.

Videos have a higher retention rate than any other kind of information. Concerning Real Estate, it's an excellent tool because it's all about consumers' feelings. We can safely assume that video marketing will be around for a long time now that this is confirmed.

Why is Real Estate Video Marketing Critical Today?

COVID-19 has put several businesses, including Real Estate, in an unprecedented dilemma. The real estate market has come to a halt because of the limited ability of realtors to show their customer's houses in real-time. Realtors and real estate firms may now contact their customers on a global scale with video advertising.

Building trust in the real estate industry requires extensive property examination, which cannot be achieved without a thorough investigation. The customers often return to the venue to gain that added feeling of security.

With a pandemic like this, it's a huge comfort if you can accomplish the same with only your fingers! That's the power of video marketing, right there. According to a study, real estate agents offering video content saw a 403 percent increase in visitors. Let's now move on to 5 effective ideas to leverage video marketing for your real estate business.

5 Ideas to Use Videos for Real Estate Marketing

1. Real Estate Listing Videos

For a good reason, listing videos are the most popular sort of real estate video. It's better to exhibit rather than tell a prospective buyer about a property. Give consumers a virtual viewing experience that entices them to get in touch with your company.

Listing videos are an excellent way to show off a property's curb appeal, stroll through a home's distinctive features, or display a neighbourhood’s charm.

2. Virtual Property Tours

In terms of video marketing for real estate, property tours are hands down the finest option. Even before contacting your firm for the first time, a potential client may virtually tour the whole home, both inside and out. This is a strategy to convince your customers to take the next step in the sales process.

You might also provide information on the property's amenities, neighbourhood, parking, and other features. Aerial photography of real estate has been more popular in recent months. The property tour video might also include such images to provide your prospect with an additional dosage of information.

In addition to boosting sales, property tour films save you and your customers a lot of time. In the long run, time saved is money saved. With property tours, you may find out who is interested in new homes and who could be interested in becoming a customer.

3. Client Testimonial Videos

Videos of satisfied customers might be the most powerful sales tool. Most customers read at least six reviews before making a purchase, and 64% of those who watch the video feel more inclined to make a buy. These two highly effective marketing techniques are combined in video testimonials, which have a higher conversion rate.

A potential customer can't ignore what a satisfied client has to say about you. This is due to the human connection they create. On the other hand, videos are more successful than plain text since they are as good as a recommendation from a friend or family member.

You may either film a video of your customer delivering their comments or ask your client to submit a self-recorded video to your email. Just be sure to come up with the right video testimonial questions for your next customer interviews. If you want to take your real estate video marketing approach to the next level, many alternative options are available.

Films with you addressing questions, informative videos for customers, top property listings, and some ideas you might experiment with.

4. Brand Awareness Videos

Any firm and real estate is no exception, and they should have this at their disposal. One of the earliest advantages of video marketing is brand recognition. The power of brand videos is that they may bring your agency directly to the screens of your prospective customers.

Deploy real estate video marketing that communicates your company's ideals and goodwill, showcasing its strengths. This kind of movie works best when it is of high quality and has a well-developed plot.

5. Promote Your Existing Videos

It's time to start advertising your material after you've put it online! You can't simply upload anything online and expect people to rush to it with open arms, as a content platform does. Your content's success depends on how well you promote it.

It's essential to have a consistent presence to promote your business effectively. With frequent posting, it becomes simpler for others to locate and connect with your material. You can make use of video editors available online like InVideo, Flexclip, Filmora, Inshot, etc.

Use relevant hashtags for your material on social media sites to grab viewers' attention. Whenever possible, try to provide a location in your posts. Those looking for a real estate agent on social media will typically filter by geography to see who serves their area, so having a strong social media presence will put your business in the spotlight when the time comes.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing is fantastic. Marketing your real estate firm in a new approach is made possible through videos. However, it is essential to maintain them.

A simple strategy is to put yourself in your audience's shoes, get a sense of what they are going through, and create content that your audience will appreciate. The current pandemic period requires the use of videos as a powerful marketing tactic.